Latest Two Polls Show Walker Pulling Out in Front Over Warnock

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For the first time in this election cycle, as November gets closer and closer, challenging GOP senatorial candidate Herschel Walker is now polling ahead of incumbent Senator Raphael Warnock
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This non-satirical, unbiased, un-opinionated, and fully attributed article was compiled by the accredited and degreed veteran investigative reporter Dorian Lassiter. It is comprised of information compiled from the following sources: Real Clear Politics, Emerson Polling, and The Trafalgar Group Polling.

Throughout most of this election cycle, and certainly, since the Republican primaries officially ended with former Georgia Bulldog and NFL great Herschel walker being declared the candidate for the GOP, the polls have shown Walker staying close, but trailing the sitting Georgia State Senator. That’s not the case anymore.

According to recent polls by The Trafalgar Group between August 24th – 27th, and Emerson between August 28th and 29th, Walker is now polling ahead of Warnock.

Since Walker was named as the official GOP candidate, while each previous poll has remained too close to call because they were all also within their respective margins of error, each of those other polls has shown Warnock as the leader in the race – that’s not the case anymore.

While both polls are still within their respective margins of error, officially making them tossups and too close to call, these latest two polls mark the first time that Walker is being projected as the leader over Warnock.

In itself, that change marks a substantial 4-to-6-point polling swing from Warnock to Walker just in the past few weeks. The polling shift is a relatively big deal in such a tightly contested Senate race taking place within one of the most closely watched battleground states in America.

Particularly in the battle to determine which party will ultimately control the Senate come January when the 118th Congress is seated and sworn in, this race is extremely important.

As always, we t the Veracity Report will continue to monitor the polling and report any sudden changes as they occur.

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