All Recent Polls Show Kemp Pulling Further Away from Abrams

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All 5 of the most recent Georgia gubernatorial polls show incumbent Governor Brian Kemp widening his lead over 2x challenger Stacey Abrams
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The newest InsiderAdvantage/FOX 5 Atlanta poll released Friday shows Governor Brian Kemp putting some distance between himself and his recurring Democrat challenger, Stacey Abrams. He leads her now with 49% to her 44%. Libertarian Shane Hazel polled at 3%. Two percent of the voters polled said they planned to support another candidate and two more were undecided.

However, the only Georgia candidate who appears to be coasting to an easy victory is Republican Burt Jones, who is running for lieutenant governor. The poll showed him leading with 43% over Democrat Charlie Bailey, who had 37%. Libertarian Ryan Graham polled at 4% with 16% undecided.

Jones, you might remember, is also the representative who recently won a decision to have Fulton County District Attorney, Fanni Willis removed from potentially prosecuting, or even questioning him due to her having held a campaign fundraiser in June to raise money for Jones’ Democratic challenger, Charley Bailey, who is polling a substantial distance behind Jones I the race for Lieutenant Governor.

The judge who removed DA Willis from her duties against Jones also harshly admonished the DA for “presenting a clear and present conflict of interest that was impossible for anyone to overlook.”

That situation is all part of the embattled DA’s quest to file formal charges against former President Donald Trump regarding his interference in Georgia’s aspect of the 2020 Presidential election. Jones, in this instance, was one of the secondary electors that were selected to present State votes for Donald Trump to Vice President Mike Pence. These electors are frequently improperly referred to as ‘fake electors’ by several biased media outlets, however, secondary sets of electors exist for the losing candidate in almost every election and in almost every state.

Since her removal from the Jones aspect of the investigation, all of the other witnesses, Including Governor Brian Kemp, whom Willis has subpoenaed to testify in front of the special grand jury she has empaneled against Trump, have filed similar motions to have her removed due to her glaring political conflicts of interest in the case. The results of those motions are still pending, but it is widely believed that most, if not all of them, will be granted and Willis will be removed from the case unilaterally.

In the five most recent gubernatorial polls conducted by Fox 5/Insider Advantage, Fox News, WXIA, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and Fabrizio, each poll shows Kemp ahead of Abrams, with the WXIA-TV poll being the only one to show the two candidates to be virtually even. The others, such as Fabrizio, Show Kemp with as much a 7% lead over Abrams.

When asked about the poll numbers, Kemp replied:

"I'm not worried about any damn poll right now," said Kemp. "I think the news is trying to lull our side to sleep by having me polling good. So, I would tell my folks don't believe any polls. We gotta continue working like we've never worked before on our ground game. We have to continue to raise money from people in Georgia that are supporting this campaign because literally, you have billionaires and people that don't think like us and that they can't vote here that are funding Stacey Abrams' campaign."

The Abrams camp had this to say:

"After months of attacking our campaign and lying about Stacey Abrams’ record while trying to cover for his own extreme agenda, Brian Kemp is in a dangerous position for an incumbent governor," said Alex Floyd, a spokesperson for the Abrams campaign. "Poll after poll continues to show that our campaign’s strategy is paying off and Brian Kemp lacks support from a majority of Georgia voters. Voters don’t want extreme bans on abortion that lead to women being investigated for miscarriages and doctors being locked up for treating them — or reckless gun policies that make it easier for criminals to carry loaded, hidden guns in public. We’ve always known this race would be close, and polls continue to show us gaining momentum and building a historic multiracial coalition in Georgia."

One thing is for certain, November is getting close, and this race, just like the others in Georgia, promises to be exciting till the end.

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