OPINION: A Little Dirt on Mr. Liz Cheney – The Plot Thickens Even After Her Monumental Loss

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You really can’t make this stuff up. As it turns out, Cheney’s husband, Philip Perry, works for Latham & Watkins -- the firm defending Hunter Biden

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This non-satirical, un-opinionated, fully attributed, and unbiased article was compiled by the accredited and degreed veteran investigative reporter Kurt Dillon. It is comprised of information compiled from the following sources: Real Clear Politics, The New York Post, The Daily Caller, The Sun, and The Associated Press.

That’s right, that wasn’t a typo -- Wyoming GOP Rep. Liz Cheney’s husband is a partner at the law firm that represents Hunter Biden.

Perry has worked at Latham & Watkins since 2007. According to his company biography, he mostly works on white-collar cases, commercial, and Supreme Court litigation. Meanwhile, a different partner at the firm, Chris Clark, has been representing Hunter Biden since December 2020 — though Cheney’s husband’s involvement at the firm had not been previously known.

The firm of Latham & Watkins is a well-renowned powerhouse for the Democratic Party, with company attorneys and other employees donating more than half a million dollars to President Biden’s 2020 campaign, according to records from the Federal Election Commission. Clark himself forked over some $3,800.

Clark’s work for Hunter’s defense is prominently displayed on his company profile with the firm, which notes his representation of Hunter in a “grand jury investigation regarding tax issues.”

On his first day in office, with a Justice Department probe of Hunter in full swing, President Biden appointed Nicholas McQuaid, another partner at Latham & Watkins, to lead the Justice Department’s criminal division — earning a written rebuke from Sens. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin).

Liz, meanwhile, who was originally elected to Wyoming’s only House seat in 2016, saw her political popularity at home tank after she became the literal face of all things anti-Trump, even going so far as voting to impeach the former president and then assume the role of Vice Chair to the House Committee formed to investigate the events of January 6th, 2021.

The daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney was widely expected to get pummeled by Trump-backed challenging attorney Harriet Hageman in the state’s GOP primary on August 16th, and to almost no one's surprise, she did, losing by the largest margin of any incumbent Congressperson in Wyoming State history. But it wasn't just Trump that put Hageman over the top, she was also passionately endorsed by House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy who was doing some last-minute campaigning for her in The Equality State as late as Monday the 15th, the night before the Republican Primary voting booths opened.

When directly challenged recently about the glaring conflict of being a Republican Congresswoman with a husband who was part of the legal team for the inappropriate foreign business dealings of the crack smoking, prostitute frolicking first son of the sitting Democratic President of the United States, a spokesperson for the Cheney campaign had only this to say:

“Latham & Watkins has 3000 lawyers and thousands of clients. Mr. Perry has no involvement with the Biden case.”

Of course, we will provide you with any updates as they occur.

Compiled by Chief Political Correspondent Kurt Dillon – Because the Truth Matters!

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