Fulton Co. GA District Attorney Willis Disqualified – What Does it Mean?

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The disqualification is only the first step in what is likely to precipitate a legal chain reaction

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On July 25th, Superior Court Judge Robert McBurney officially disqualified Fulton County DA Fani Willis from the investigation she initiated against Georgia Senator Burt Jones for what the Judge determined to be a “clear and necessary conflict.” Jones is one of 16 state officials being dubbed as ‘fake electors’ in the 2020 Presidential race.

The Court declared that Willis’ decision to host a campaign fundraiser for Jones’ Democratic opponent, and then publicly declare Jones a “target” of her electorate investigation was “a ‘What are you thinking?’” moment with “horrible” optics.

While this disqualification doesn’t stop the investigation or the disburse the special grand jury, what it does do is project Willis’ likely intent in initiating this investigation in the first place.

Since the onset of her investigation into alleged election interference by former President Donald Trump and several of his proponents, many detractors of the move have insisted that Willis’ motivation for the investigation is strictly political. They allege the investigation is nothing more than a ploy to diminish Republican support throughout the state and to empower her own party in its recently energized attempts to shift the historically red state purple, if not full-on blue.

We asked legal correspondent Dorian Lassiter, Founder and Chief Counsel of The Lassiter Law Group, a prominent Georgia law firm, how this disqualification might affect the entire investigation.

“The only thing this disqualification legally does is prevents the DA from questioning or prosecuting state Senator Jones specifically. However, the actual conflict of interest in this case is so clearly egregious, and so ostentatious at its core, that it clearly tells us something about District Attorney Willis.”

Lassiter went on to say:

“here, we’re not talking about some low-level ADA who just got hired fresh out of law school, but the elected District Attorney of one of the most populous counties in the State of Georgia – a politically elected office, let me remind you. That means that she is a politician who must campaign, raise money, kiss babies, all of that good stuff. She is not a law enforcement officer just trying to do a job.
Because of that, we know that she is very image conscious. Nobody can be a politician – an elected official - and not understand how things look in the political realm, what Judge McBurney called the “optics” of the situation.
Since we know that as an elected official, she is very aware of these optics, we can clearly extrapolate from those facts that she is so driven to pursue this agenda, that she just doesn’t care.
If it were just a matter of wanting to pursue a legitimate violation of law, she would have immediately appointed someone else to spearhead the case from the beginning. By taking and holding the reigns as tightly as she has, she’s sending the message to all of us that some other motivation is at play here.
We know this to be true not only because she failed to take a backseat in the investigation from the beginning, but because when the conflict was introduced by Senator Jones, she still didn’t recuse herself and instead, attempted to challenge his assertion of conflict. A conflict, that even the Judge I the case declared was so clear and apparent that it just looked “horrible – a “What were you thinking?” Type of conflict.
Elected District Attorneys just don’t make mistakes like that. That is, not unless they’re being intellectually blinded by some other deeply rooted personal motivation.”

When we asked what cascading repercussions this disqualification might have, he said:

“Clearly now the entire investigation is tainted. Just like in a typical jury trial, when an attorney says or does something that they know isn’t allowed, even after the Judge admonishes them and instructs the jury to disregard what they just saw or heard, everyone knows that the damage has been done. There is simply no way to erase those memories out of the minds of those people serving on the jury.
This situation is the same, and I believe even more prominent because everybody involved knows and fully understands that the underlying goal of this entire investigation is to ultimately find some legally acceptable path to charging Donald Trump, a former President of the United States, with at least one criminal offense – something that has never before been done.
Think about it, if she were successful and managed to bring a charge that could result in a criminal conviction, particularly a former president of the opposing political party to her own, her own political aspirations would immediately skyrocket to the highest levels of the Democratic Party, possibly even elevating her into consideration as the first female president. The fact that she is African American only sweetens that political pot that much more, specifically at a time when the Democratic party is reeling in public approval polls.
I believe that because of this taint, the chain reaction of this conflict will now snowball and politically backfire, not only for Ms. Willis, but for the entire investigation as her credibility has just taken a severe hit I doubt she will be able to recover from.”

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