New York Times Poll Reveals 64% of Democrats Don’t Want Biden to Run in ‘24

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Besides the latest NYT/Siena College poll featuring record-low approval ratings, The Times also reveals a record-high percentage of Democrats publicly declare they do not want Biden to run for re-election
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This, just 18 months into his term as President, not only are his approval ratings by Americans at an all-time low, and his disapproval ratings at an all-time high, but this new poll shows that a stunning 64% of Democrats surveyed within the American Government don’t believe that Joe Biden should run for re-election 2024.
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During the survey, this is what respondents were asked as to why, they lack support for the current administration, despite President Biden not even being halfway into his term. For accuracy sake, we will quote the New York Times article directly.

Democrats’ Reasons for a Different Candidate
What’s the most important reason you would prefer someone other than Joe Biden to be the Democratic Party’s 2024 presidential nominee?
Asked of 191 respondents who said they planned to vote in the 2024 Democratic primary and who preferred a candidate other than Joe Biden in a New York Times/Siena College poll from July 5-7, 2022.
By The New York Times
Jobs and the economy were the most important problem facing the country according to 20 percent of voters, with inflation and the cost of living (15 percent) close behind as prices are rising at the fastest rate in a generation. One in 10 voters named the state of American democracy and political division as the most pressing issue, about the same share who named gun policies, after several high-profile mass shootings.
More than 75 percent of voters in the poll said the economy was “extremely important” to them. And yet only 1 percent rated economic conditions as excellent. Among those who are typically working age — voters 18 to 64 years old — only 6 percent said the economy was good or excellent, while 93 percent rated it poor or only fair.
The White House has tried to trumpet strong job growth, including on Friday when Mr. Biden declared that he had overseen “the fastest and strongest jobs recovery in American history.” But the Times/Siena poll showed a vast disconnect between those boasts, and the strength of some economic indicators, and the financial reality that most Americans feel they are confronting.

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