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Do Voters Know That Warnock's Brother is a Convicted Corrupt Cop From Savannah PD?

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According to Federal Court Records, Raphael Warnock's Brother, Keith Coleman, is a Convicted Felon Who Was Sentenced to Life in Prison Back in 1997 Stemming from Numerous Felony Convictions
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Author’s Note

This fully attributed, unbiased article was written by the accredited and degreed veteran investigative reporter Kurt Dillon and is comprised of information compiled from the following sources: The Washington Free Beacon, The Federal Bureau of Investigation, The Federal Bureau of Prisons, The United States Department of Justice, Fox News, Yahoo! News!, Savannah Now News, and The Black-Jewish Alliance.

If you’re like most Americans, you’re probably unfamiliar with the name Keith Coleman. If you have heard the name recently, you’re probably under the perception that, like many others in recent history, Coleman is just another tragic victim persecuted in the court of systemic racism.

If that is what you’ve been led to believe, this is probably why:

That video was recorded and shared as part of a webinar of “The Black-Jewish Alliance.” In it, Senator Raphael Warnock (D-GA) is explaining how he can empathize with the long, historic plight of the Jewish people personally. That’s because he and his family have also been the victims of systemic racism.

He goes on to explain how his brother, Keith Coleman (though not named in the video – or anywhere else by Senator Warnock), a first-time offender for a non-violent drug offense, in which nobody got hurt – “or even got high,” as Warnock puts it, because the feds are the ones that initiated the sting -- was unjustly sentenced to life in federal prison, without the possibility of parole. An issue they, as a victimized family, have been fighting for 22 years at the time of filming, since his conviction in 1997.

The critical part of this video is Mr. Warnock’s comment:

“[My brother] was a first-time offender, convicted of a nonviolent drug-related offense, in which no one got hurt, no one died, no one even got high because the federal government basically created the sting operation that they created. And for that, he was sentenced to life without parole. And we’ve been working hard for years – this is now his 22nd year – to get him out through various appeals.”

While this quote isn’t directly a bald-faced lie, it does a radically evasive job of skirting the facts and casting them in the best imaginable light for his brother.

After The Washington Free Beacon, broke this story about the fledgling Senator’s misstatements regarding his brother, The Veracity Report immediately filed a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request and obtained the federal criminal investigation and charging documents surrounding "Operation Broken Oath."

As it turns out, in 1995, acting on tips by informants that there were dirty cops inside the Savannah, Georgia Police Department, the Federal Bureau of Investigation launched a deep-cover sting operation which they dubbed, “Operation Broken Oath.”

Between 1995 and 1998, undercover agents set up a complex chain of cocaine buys and arranged for police-protected escorts through the state of Georgia. All in all, the investigation led to mountains of evidence and recordings of corrupt cops arranging for the trafficking of copious amounts of drugs through Georgia, with the benefit of marked police escorts and protection.

Overall, the sting culminated in the arrests and federal indictments of 11 Georgia police officers. If you haven’t already guessed, Keith Coleman, brother of now Senator Raphael Warnock, was not only one of those officers, but he was also later discovered to be the ringleader of them all.

No, Coleman wasn’t singled out as a corrupt cop because of the color of his skin, no matter how desperately Mr. Warnock wants to convince us that he was. Nor was his sentence unnecessarily harsh because of his race.

He was arrested and ultimately convicted because the people he was recorded trafficking narcotics for over a three-year period, were in fact undercover FBI agents who were recording everything he said and did in real-time, and because he used his position as a sworn police officer to further his extensive and ongoing criminal enterprise, while even recruiting at least four other officers into the scheme.

What might he have said to convince the feds that he was deserving of life in prison without parole?

Coleman reportedly recruited four fellow cops to provide security, boasting to them the operation was bringing in cocaine by the "goddamn truckloads."

"I know my guys," Coleman told one undercover agent, referring to the officers he recruited. "They loyal to me and they gonna do whatever I tell them."

Coleman negotiated and distributed the illegal payoffs for the security services, often pocketing portions of the money that was intended to go to the other cops, according to prosecutors.

Coleman "continued to push for more work and more money." He demanded higher payments after an undercover agent posing as a drug dealer offered him $1,500 for one cocaine-trafficking job.

"If I knowed I was fucking with a motherfucker off the corner who can't afford [to pay me] no more than $1,500, his black ass would be in prison," said Coleman, according to an audio recording cited in the court records.

Coleman later demanded that the purported drug traffickers place the payments in envelopes instead of handing him stacks of cash, arguing that this was a better way to avoid detection.

"No counting by the car," he told them. "[Some witness] might want to mail some shit to 60 Minutes. … ‘I saw police taking some money by a car. Why would he be doing that?’"

Prosecutors allege Coleman received $46,000 in dirty payments and helped traffic a total of 28.2 kilograms of cocaine between November 1996 and March 1997 when he was finally taken into custody and decertified as a police officer.

This news article from the Savannah Now News, also explains many of the details.

However, the severity of Coleman’s offenses isn’t the issue here.

As despicable as they were, the real issue we are faced with is how this Senator, who repeatedly flaunts his status as a pastor in Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s old Ebeneezer Church, is willing, not only to misrepresent the facts to the people of this country and to the State of Georgia but is trying to spin the travesty of his brother’s crimes into sympathy and victimization. It’s almost as if Warnock would have us believe his brother should be labeled as some sort of crusader for justice and poster boy for systemic racism.

This Fox News article, as well as this report from Yahoo! News, also detail many of the Senator’s misstatements regarding his brother’s scenario and how it serves as one of his deepest motivating factors in wanting to be a US Senator.

Perhaps the most disturbing part of this is the Senator’s repeated public condemnations of people ‘pretending to be law enforcement,’ or the seemingly endless comparisons between his brother and victims such as Raynard Brooks, and George Floyd. But ultimately, that distinction will be for you and the voters of the State of Georgia to decide.

As always, we at The Veracity Report aren’t here to tell you what you should think, or who you should believe. Our only mission is to share all the facts that we can gather about a topic so that you can make fair and educated decisions based on your interpretations of those facts. We hope we’ve once again, done this successfully.

Reported by Investigative Reporter Kurt Dillon – Because the Truth Matters!

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