Opinion: The Economic Limbo, How Low Can Joe Go?

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This latest poll shows almost all of Biden’s economic policy indicators tanking to historic lows

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This article was written by the accredited and degreed journalist, Veteran Investigative Reporter Kurt Dillon, and is comprised of information gleaned from: Fox News Polling, NBC News, The Texas Division of elections, press releases from CBS News, and the website of the Internal Revenue Service at IRS.gov.

So just how low can Joe’s numbers really go? Pretty low according to Fox News’ most recent national survey, which they released Wednesday night.

In this poll, Biden’s overall job rating among registered voters stands at 43%, which is higher than other recent national surveys, which still show Biden at 39%.

However, that’s actually the good news for Joe.

Insofar as the national approval of Biden’s handling of the economy is concerned, however, he sits at a dismal 29%, while his handling of inflation is even lower, at only 23%.

Even worse, Republicans hold a 19-point lead in the poll on which party better handles inflation and rising prices, with 55% of all voting Americans picking Republicans versus only 36% who believe Democrats do a better job with the economic elements.

As far as the level of priority the American public puts on inflation and the current state of the economy, here’s the poll on the one issue that’s most important to deciding respondents’ vote for Congress — inflation/higher prices at 41%, guns at 12%, abortion at 10% and border security at 7%. That means that the average voting American values inflation and the economy as about 3 times more important than gun regulation, about 4 times more than abortion laws, and almost 6 times more important than border security.

All of this doesn’t bode well for Democrats in the impending Mid-term elections, where they’ve already started to take a beating.

Despite various losses around the nation, perhaps none hurt the left as much as the victory of Mayra Flores in Texas’ 34th district – a seat that has been held by Democrats without interruption, for over 150 years. That had to hurt.

Add in the additional fact that the seat was vacated by the former Vice Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Filemon, Vela, Jr., who suddenly, and unexplainedly decided to forego his prominent career in politics -- particularly his high-ranking position within the Democratic party -- and resign from politics altogether to take a job as a lobbyist in Washington, D.C., and the inferences about the repercussions of this loss start to resonate with Democrats even more.

Yet despite all the bad news, that still might not be the worst of the gloom for the Democratic Party. That's because Flores’s win in the 34th marks the very first time a Mexican-born immigrant has ever been elected as a member of the United States Congress—ever, making this win even more significant as a rallying cry for Latinx voters across America.

To be sure, the fact that a naturalized Mexican American woman ran, and won, is huge. Compounding those wounds with the added salt that Flores did both as a Republican, and did so in a district that is 85% Hispanic, and took a seat that has been continuously held by a Democrat for over 150 years -- this otherwise relatively inconsequential seat loss becomes Olympian.

This loss should speak loudly to Democrats about how they are being viewed by American minorities, even in traditionally Democratic strongholds. There is little doubt that much of that perception comes from the current state of America's economy. Although Democrats, including President Biden, relentlessly try to shun responsibility for our economic woes onto every other conceivable source, these newest poll numbers suggest that Americans refuse to accept those excuses and lies.

For more on the historic victory of Myra Flores, be sure to check out our coverage: It Has Begun – Republicans Have Started Swiping Congressional Seats Long-Held By Democrats

Reported by Investigative Reporter Kurt Dillon – Because the Truth Matters!

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