Fractal Liz Faces a Myriad of Woes

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Rep Liz Cheney of Wyoming Just got Pelted with Bad News from Every Angle
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Author’s Note – This unbiased and completely fact-based article was written by the fully accredited and degreed Investigative Journalist, Kurt Dillon. All stated facts are attributed to the following sources: CNN News, The South Carolina Department of Elections, The Republican National Committee, and The United States House of Representatives, with all personal biographical information being provided by

If Representative Liz Cheney (R-WY) doesn't look particularly happy in this photo, there's a good reason.

Tuesday, June 14, 2022, wasn’t a good day for Liz. Come to think of it, she hasn’t had a particularly good week, either. And while we’re just now only halfway through it, the month of June, isn’t shaping up to turn out very promising for Liz Cheney either.

That’s because, on Tuesday evening, she had to dejectedly watch as her fellow conservative Trump impeachment voter, South Carolina’s Tom Rice, one of only 10 Republicans who voted to Impeach the former President, got absolutely trounced in his state’s Republican primary.

Rice was defeated by Russel Fry, a 44-year-old who has been serving on the South Carolina House of Representatives since 2015. So lopsided was Fry’s victory over Rice that there wasn’t even the need for a run-off election to make sure something wasn’t counted properly.

Not only is the beating of an incumbent Congressperson by a younger challenger within his own party a big deal, (it is), but the fact that the only remotely conservative ‘ding’ against Rice was his vote to impeach former President Donald Trump, spells almost certain disaster for Cheney in her own state of Wyoming.

On Tuesday, August 16, Cheney will face off against the Trump-backed and strongly conservative-supported Harriet Hageman. She will be attempting to obtain the Republican nomination to be the party's representative in the November general election and retain her current seat in the House of Representatives for the state of Wyoming for another 2 years.

If what just happened to her cohort Rice is any indication, Cheney faces a seriously uphill battle on that front.

So rare and lopsided was the defeat in South Carolina, that the election drew the attention of the super-liberal, notoriously left-biased, media outlet CNN. In what is tantamount to an absolute must read article by CNN Editor-At-Large Chris Cillizza, Tuesday Was a Very Bad Political Omen for Liz Cheney, even the uber-liberal and notoriously Trump-hating media platform had to weigh in on just how bleak things are looking for Liz. In the article, Cillizza admits, there is virtually no chance that Cheney will be keeping her job as United States Congresswoman after the November Mid-term elections.

Unfortunately, the bad news for Cheney doesn’t end there.

Already facing strong national conservative backlash for her position as Vice-Chairperson of the House Committee investigating the January 6th Capitol raid, as well as her constant anti-Trump rhetoric, the January 6th Committee is widely gaining notoriety as only the latest in a seemingly endless saga of Trump detractors’ attempts to smear the former president and brand him as being responsible for the January 6th attacks. Of paramount concern seems to be the apparent lack of determination to address any fact that doesn't serve that ulterior purpose.

While the truth of that perspective yet remains to be determined, Cheney was also just hit with some bad news regarding her Committee as well.

On June 13, in what appears to many to be an attempt to make herself and the Committee appear to have much more power and authority than either actually does, Cheney issued the following tweet announcing that “no decision had yet been made about whether criminal referrals would be made by her January 6th committee,” at the time of its conclusion.

Unfortunately for Cheney, very shortly thereafter, the Chairman of the Committee, Bennie Thompson (D-MS), publicly contradicted Cheney’s tweet, by saying, “This committee will not be making any criminal referrals pertaining to the events of January 6th, even if it were desired to do so, this committee does not have such authority.”

In and of themselves, these tweets are of very little consequence. But they do illustrate that Cheney, who must also be very well aware of what powers the 1/6 Committee has and doesn’t have, had to have had some motivation to publicly make such an erroneous statement.

The fact that she did this, and did it so publicly, has a lot of Republicans, and more than a few Democrats, reeling at the lengths she seems willing to go to purposefully misrepresent the facts regarding the events of January 6th to the American public.

All in all, it just wasn’t Liz’s day…or week….or month. Will it be Liz’s November? That remains to be seen. But, after the transpiring of these recent events, her chances sure seem to be significantly grimmer.

Reported by Investigative Reporter Kurt Dillon - Because the Truth Matters!

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