It Has Begun – Republicans Have Started Swiping Congressional Seats Long Held By Democrats

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As Expected from Recent Polling Indicators, as Biden’s Approval Amongst Americans Drops, So Does the Number of Congressional Positions Held by Democrats
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Author’s Note – This unbiased and completely fact-based article was written by the fully accredited and degreed Investigative Journalist, Kurt Dillon. All stated facts are attributed to the following sources: NBC News, The Texas Department of Elections, The Republican National Committee, and The United States House of Representatives, with all personal biographical information being provided by

In recent weeks, The Veracity Report, as well as several other reputable news agencies, have published several articles addressing the sinking poll numbers and universal support of President Joe Biden. We’ve also recently begun reporting the increasing number of Democrats noticeably distancing themselves from the sitting president.

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As expected in situations such as these, as mid-term elections begin looming large on the horizon, the party in control of the White House must often brace for massive congressional and gubernatorial losses across the country. This election cycle appears to be no different, especially in South Texas.
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That’s because, in a special election for the House of Representatives seat of Texas’ 34th Congressional District, a relatively unknown Republican, Mayra Flores, just won the seat, smack dab in the middle of a highly Hispanic area of Texas that has been represented by Democrats for many years.

The seat for the House of Representatives was recently vacated by Democrat Filemon Vela, Jr., who didn’t resign because of age, retirement, personal reasons, health issues, or to run for a higher office. No, Vela resigned from the United States House of Representatives—at a time when Democrats hold control of both chambers of Congress and the White House—so that he could take a position as a lobbyist, halfway across the country, in Washington D.C., for a lobbying firm named Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP. Of particularly interesting note, is that Vela, Jr. is also the Former Vice Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, a relatively high-ranking Democrat within the party, and not simply a fringe-type representative filling a seat.

Because there is no political aspiration to be gained by resigning from being a member of the United States Congress, to become a lobbyist, we can logically assume the change was prompted by other reasons. Financial reasons are undoubtedly part of the equation, but the simple truth is, very few people have ever willfully abandoned an already won position in Congress to chase money.

That means there is a good possibility that Vela’s defection was at least somewhat influenced by his ability to see the proverbial writing on the wall of what is about to transpire in and around his party come November. It also tends to tell us that he doesn’t much care, otherwise, why not just ride out his term for these last 6 months and not seek re-election?

Flores handily defeated Democratic challenger Dan Sanchez by a 51% to 43% margin and will run again in November in the district’s traditional election in a bid to retain the seat against Democratic challenger Vicente Gonzalez. A race she was already favored to win. Now, thanks to Vela’s early resignation, Flores will have the added advantage of running as an incumbent.

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