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Get Fit This Summer At These Local Gyms

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Summertime usually causes us all to show more skin, hit the pool more often, and in Arizona, spend more time inside. While the heat may be oppressive at times, there is still so much you can do to stay fit over the summer. The rest of the nation may be hitting the hiking trails, we certainly are just trying to keep cool. Instead of opting for a hike in 100-degree weather and risking your health, head indoors to one of the many great gyms and workout locations here in town. There's something for everybody in Tucson.


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Find some inner peace and get flexible and fit at the same time. Yoga is known for its restorative properties, as well as being challenging to all fitness levels. For basic to expert yoga courses, head downtown to the Mindful Yoga Studio for a myriad of class types. There are basic, restorative, and more advanced classes to help you hone in on mindfulness and restoration.

Yoga Oasis offers classes in the studio, outdoors, and even over zoom. They offer rooftop courses downtown 3 times a week in the evenings. They have multiple locations throughout the valley, so pick the one closest to you and get bendy! If you want to ratchet things up a notch, try some hot yoga at Session Yoga. All of their classes are 60 minutes long and are available for yogis of all skill levels. They offer virtual classes too.


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Nothing gets your heart rate going quite like a difficult climb on a bike. I've been taking spin classes for a number of years and love the toning and conditioning results I get from it. Head down to Let's Sweat studio for a mixture of spin, yoga, and TRX classes to get in the best shape of your life. A good spin class can burn off up to 850 calories in an hour. The class atmosphere helps to motivate you to try your hardest.

Another great spin studio is Revolve Cycling, located in St. Philip's Plaza. They specialize only in spin classes. The instructors are super motivating and helpful for beginners. If you've never tried a spin class before, hit up Revolve for $8 as a first-timer, and then check out their memberships to go as often as you'd like.

Hybrid Gyms

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For a hybrid spin class, head over to Spenga in Oro Valley. They mix spin, yoga, and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) into one class. A class consists of 20 minutes of spin, 20 minutes of strength training, and 20 minutes of high-intensity yoga. Together these combine to give you cardio, strength, and flexibility training in one class. They offer class packs or unlimited memberships.

You've probably seen Orange Theory locations pop up all over town and been curious as to what they do. They offer classes that run you through a series of intervals to hit your optimal heart rates for maximum health benefits. A class consists of rowing, cardio, and personalized strength training, all under the supervision of a coach who helps you along. Orange Theory members rave about the results they see from these classes.

If you're looking to make your workout fun, hit one of the great indoor rock climbing gyms in town. This is a great way to get your cardio and strength training in one workout. Rock Solid Climbing Gym offers indoor rock climbing, fitness classes, and a conditioning gym on the premises. Members get 24-hour access to the gym. Once the heat lets up, take your newly found rock climbing skills up to Mt. Lemon. Maybe you'll find you've got a new hobby!

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