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I don't know what it is about Utah, but we've got some amazing storytellers in this state. When I commute to work I love listening to podcasts as a way to take in local and national stories, news, sports, and more while I'm on the go. Of course, a long drive requires some great tunes at times, but listening to a podcast is the perfect way to stay up to date on news and events and even find some mild entertainment.

I'm always finding new local podcasts that have a unique viewpoint or story to tell. Many of these shows get big audiences as they excel at their craft. If you haven't listened to a podcast before, there are plenty of great ways to listen in. Your smartphone should have a podcast app already installed on it. If you deleted it, there are plenty of great apps in your phone's app store to download for optimum listening.

Personally, I use the Overcast app for my podcast listening. It allows me to speed up my shows. I can fit more shows into my commute by listening to a captivating show at 1.5x or 2x speed. You can also skip commercials too with some apps. Most podcasts and their apps are free to use too.

Local True Crime

My first foray into Utah-based podcasts began with the show "Cold", which detailed the Susan Powell story. I love a good true crime story, and none grabbed my attention more than this tragic story. If you have been in Utah for any amount of time, I'm sure you're familiar with this story. The podcast goes into great depth and gives information about the case that hadn't been heard before.

Another great true-crime podcast is the Four Corners Crime Cast. This show focuses on solved and unsolved crimes in the four corners region of the USA. I split my time between Utah and Arizona, so this one checks off both state's crime time for me. They don't just dwell on the big cases either. A great show for a true crime lover.

Sports and The Jazz

A true Utah native would be missing out if they're not paying attention to the local sports. Currently, the Utah Jazz are in the NBA playoffs! There's no better time to get up-to-date information on how our home team is doing. Check out the highly popular Locked On Jazz show, hosted by David Locke, for all things Jazz. Locke is the voice of the Utah Jazz and has great insights for pre- and post-show analysis.

Get bite-sized Utah sports analysis and synopsis' from The EP Podcast. Host Austin Horton reviews the sports highlights and pop culture stories every day in small bits for those looking for a quick update.

Weird Culture For Locals

One thing Utah is known for is its quirky culture. That's not always a bad thing! There are a bunch of shows available that touch on the funny, weird, and quirky parts of living in Utah. Listen to Hot Dranks for a humorous look into the culture surrounding Mormonism and how it intersects with mainstream living. Episodes drop every week with a different topic or guest to chat with.

Another irreverent Utah podcast is the WTF Utah show. This is a brand new one, so start listening now to get in at the beginning. Utah AF takes another humorous look at the culture and oddities that come with living in the Beehive State.

The beloved local Fox News anchor Ben Winslow helps host the Utah Booze News show. It's no secret Utah has weird liquor laws. Episodes of this show answer frequently asked questions, business questions, discussions on new legislation, and more. This is a really entertaining and informative look into a quirky part of Utah law and culture.

Another one of my favorite shows; Utah Famous is a podcast about famous people, places, and events from Utah, and how those things make Utah awesome. Learn about Trolley Square, the Utah Jazz, Hotel Utah, and more amazing things that you may not know about our beloved state.

Finally, a show I just found a few weeks ago. The Bad Broad Cast is a show hosted by the hilarious Madi Murphy. She doesn't talk about Utah-only topics, but she's from Salt Lake City, and I love to see a local out there killing it. She has the dum-dum club for those moments of pure stupidity we all experience. She gathers hilarious tales of dates gone wrong, roommates from hell, and more highly entertaining storytelling.

Learn something new, hear a unique story, or just become more informed by incorporating podcasts into your media routine.

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