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When you live in a college town, it sure feels like everyone shops at the same three boring stores. You walk around the mall and there just isn't anything that inspires you. Time to try a new way of shopping! This Earth Day head to a second-hand or vintage clothing shop to find some unique, sustainable new-to-you apparel!

Did you know that the average American throws away 70 pounds of clothing waste every year?

That's an incredible amount of waste and as those items disintegrate they let off harmful toxins into our water and soils. Instead of creating more waste, consider thrifting the old clothes you don't wear anymore. When you want to buy new outfits, head to some of these great thrift and consignment shops to avoid creating more waste, and saving money in the process.

While you may know about the Desert Industries and Plato's Closets of Provo, here are a few lesser-known shops to pick up some amazing pieces that no one else is sure to have.


Looking for an old Spice Girls t-shirt? What about a rad Mars Attacks top? Look no further than the vintage t-shirt emporium Thrifthood. Hours are a little different as they're open Tuesday and Thursday from 5 pm to 10 pm and Saturdays from 1 pm to 6 pm. They get new shipments of old-school apparel every week, offering both men's and women's styles. Find some rare sneakers, hats, hoodies, and denim all for relatively affordable prices. Well, relative until you find that coveted Spice Girls shirt and it's $400, but that's entirely worth it in my opinion.

Get Thrifty

If you want an expanded collection of awesome clothing, vintage records, and more at affordable prices, check out Get Thrifty. You can pick up some vintage collectibles and peruse their extensive record collection. They also make sure that all clothing they receive is summarily washed before being put out on the sales floor. (Fun Fact: most thrift stores don't wash clothing before selling it). You can find something unique each time you shop. Keep up with their latest inventory through their Instagram page.

Moby Thrift

With a focus on sustainability and avoiding fast fashion, Moby Thrift came about as the answer to so much waste in the fashion industry. They have these rad Princess Diana tops they sell out of regularly. I know I'm snagging one the next time they restock. They carry fun vintage t-shirts and old college sweaters, plus a mixture of other retro 90's style tops. Watch their Instagram Stories for flash sales and exciting product launches. Moby Thrift is really making second-hand clothing cool again.

While more often you find consignment and thrift stores focusing primarily on female fashions, Moby Thrift really caters to all. The old-school t-shirts and crew neck sweatshirts will really appeal to men raised in the 90's. Think Space Jam and Star Wars mixed in with late-90's Tommy Hilfiger and Polo shirts. It's a step back in time with some really unique pieces.

Something Borrowed Bridal

I would be remiss if I didn't give the brides-to-be a way to be sustainable and save some money. While you can't purchase the wedding dresses from this shop, you can rent, which is even better! For those of you who bought a big puffy white dress for your big day, and subsequently never wore it again, there's a way to put that dress to good use! Consign with Something Borrowed. They'll rent out your dress to other brides, and you make a commission off of the rental.

For you cash-strapped brides, there are much better things to blow your wedding budget on than a dress you'll only wear once. Sure, it has sentimental value, but instead, hire a great photographer to get pictures of you in your rental dress. You'll look amazing, have awesome photos, and not have to lug around a 50-pound dress the rest of your life hoping your daughter will wear it in 25 years. (Spoiler Alert: She won't). This is one of the best ways to decrease waste, save money, and be sustainably responsible with your wedding. The prices are pretty affordable too! Instead of spending a few thousand, try for a couple hundred. See? Spend that extra cash on an amazing honeymoon kids!

When it comes to decreasing textile waste, shopping second-hand is one of the best ways to divert clothing from the waste stream into keeping it being used. It can save you tons of money and leave you looking unique and stand out from the hoards of generic styles out there. Hit up a local thrift or consignment shop for your next shopping excursion. You'll never know what you'll find!

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