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We were all so bright-eyed and naïve when 2020 started. But looking in the rearview mirror we can see that we all learned so much in this past year. Many people picked up new hobbies they’ve been wanting to try, and simplified their lives. One big change this year was definitely in the skincare world. With more people working from home and wearing masks, it just didn’t seem as high of a priority to wear a face full of makeup. So many people discovered skincare and 2021 doesn’t look like it’s going to change that trend any time soon.

What does 2021 have in store for us? If this year taught me anything, it’s that nothing is promised and we have to be flexible. One thing won’t change this year: taking care of our skin. Well, hopefully, something horrendous doesn’t happen in 2021 where we all lose our skin.

I rounded up a list of the skincare and beauty trends we will probably be seeing more of next year. I reserve the right to be entirely wrong on all of this.

Celebrity Skincare Lines

At the end of 2020 we saw Jennifer Lopez’s new skincare line, JLo Beauty, make some waves. Her emphasis is on having olive oil in her products. The range doesn’t actually go on sale until January 1st, but it’s just one of many celebrity skin care lines that are popping up. Lady Gaga posted an Instagram saying that Gaga Skincare is coming. Kanye West even filed a trademark this year for “Donda Cosmetics” saying that he’s going to have a skincare element to this line.

Speaking of the Kardashians, both Khloe and Kourtney have filed trademarks for skincare lines as well. We will probably see a line from each of them, especially considering how lucrative beauty lines have been for their sisters Kim and Kylie. And the celebrity list doesn’t end there. We will most likely be seeing launches from Hailey Bieber, Cardi B, Gwen Stefani, and more.

Some have even gone as far as saying skincare lines are the new celebrity perfume. We all remember the time when everyone and their agent were launching a new perfume. Well, I think we’re going to be seeing a lot of the same in 2021, just in the skincare and cosmetics world.

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Biome-Care Skincare

Sure, probiotic skincare isn’t a brand new concept. I personally have been using the fresh Kombucha Facial Essence for some time and love the anti-oxidant nature of the ingredients. Other brands, such as Tula and Biossance have launched pro-biotic products in 2020. Despite the success of these products, other brands are just now catching on to the appeal and efficacy of probiotics.

While you’ll see many new lines and products claiming the success of their probiotic skincare, just make sure you see the science and support behind it. These are going to be popular trends in products, and it’s important to understand what exactly you’re putting on your face. We will also see a lot of pre-biotics or post-biotics. You’ll have a whole range of microbiome health-promoting skincare. It’s a fairly new genre of skincare, so as always, test it on a patch before slathering your whole face with some live cultures.

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Blue Light Protecting Skincare

With more and more people working from home, and the fact that we’re all staring at our screens constantly, it’s no wonder blue light blocking skincare is going to be huge. Did you know that blue light from your screen can cause similar skin-damage to UV rays? Yup! Prepare yourself for an onslaught of blue light protecting products to hit the market.

I personally have been using a blue-light recovery mist from Volition Beauty. Products containing niacinamide are going to be very popular, as it’s been found this ingredient can reverse the damage from blue light. Mineral sunscreens can also help block out the HEV rays that your computer emits.

Maskne Solutions

Wearing a mask in public is probably not going away anytime soon. When the mask initiatives started, many wearers reported irritation and breakouts where their mask sits. Hence the new word Maskne. There are few products aimed specifically at this ailment, but I imagine more marketing will be directed at this issue.

I can see there would be an increase in anti-inflammatory products that can help calm any irritation that the mask can cause. Expect to see more Cica containing products, which helps calm redness and irritation. I personally started using more breakout focused products when the mask-mandate started in my state. I use the Bliss Clear Genius Toner + Serum on my chin and mouth and it really helps keep the mask-induced-acne away.

(Photo by Touchland)

Hand Care

The increased need to wash and sanitize our hands is going to lead more consumers to look for products that will help our hands stop cracking or drying out. It’s probably not an insane leap to assume companies will be launching more skin-friendly sanitizers, that kill germs and hydrate our skin in the process. I personally started using the Touchland spray sanitizers, and they’ve been a life and hand saver.

Hand creams are going to be a big selling point as well. Companies like L’Occitane and Bath & Body Works already sell fan favorites. I can certainly expect more brands to launch hand care products in the new year. Expect to see more ingredient-focused hand-care with non-irritating formulas. I wouldn’t be surprised if more hand masks are launched as well.

With all the changes 2020 brought to us, there are probably many more in store for next year. I think we’ll see a continuation of the popularity of skincare over makeup and extravagant glam looks. While many are still home or transitioning slowly back to normal, it seems our buying patterns and preferences have changed for good. I can’t imagine we’ll all get more lackadaisical about handwashing after this past year. I imagine these changes will stick around (hopefully! I like that we’re all hand washing much more!) and somehow we’ll all adjust accordingly.

Happy New Year! Let’s hope 2021 is a brighter, happier year for all of us.


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