Civic Season Kicks Off at the Margaret Mitchell House in Midtown

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Maggie Bell- Lead Organizer, New Georgia Project's Agenda for Young GeorgiansPhoto by Keyanna Jones

Sunday, June 12, 2020 marked the kickoff of Civic Season at the Margaret Mitchell House in Midtown. Civic Season is the collective effort of Civic Organizations that come together to engage community members around voting and general community enrichment practices. Some of the organizations participating in this year's Civic Season Include: Girls and Boy Scouts of America, Rotary International and Georgia's own: New Georgia Project (NGP).
Jeremiah Mullins of New Georgia Project's Agenda for Young Georgians (AYG)Photo by Keyanna Jones

New Georgia Project was represented by Maggie Bell and Jeremiah Mullins, of NGP's Agenda for Young Georgians (AYG) Organizing Team. Maggie Bell was one of the keynote speakers at the event. As she addressed the crowd at the Civic Season Kickoff, Maggie Bell said, "if we're not going to run for office, then we need to vote for the people who are going to represent us....we need more young people in these spaces, we need to be in the room." She impressed upon the attendees that voting is an essential way to be civically engaged, particularly for young people.
Civic Season Kickoff SignPhoto by Keyanna Jones

One of the highlights of the Civic Season Kickoff was the CIVVYS - American Civic Collaboration Awards, presented by the Bridge Alliance. Awards were given in the National, Local, Youth and Lifetime Achievement categories.
CIVVYS presented by the Bridge AlliancePhoto by Keyanna Jones

Vote America, won the National Award for building voter registration into every day systems and tech platforms. One of the top 10 in the nation in open source technology, Vote America registered more than 1 million voters in 2020. The Local Award was given to Voters First, Virginia for building a bicameral, bipartisan caucus, to help find support for common goals and foster collaboration across party lines in Virginia. The Youth Association Winner was the Kentucky YMCA; and the Lifetime Achievement Award was awarded posthumously to Rob Stein, who passed away on May 2, 2022. His award was accepted by his wife, Ellen Perry.

Reported by Keyanna Jones

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