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Jump into Bungee Fitness at 2 locations in the Triad

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Are you in a fitness rut and ready to try something new this year? Maybe you have a good workout routine already but want to challenge yourself with unique types of movement? Want to experience bungee without the fear of jumping off a bridge? Last year I was thrilled to discover a Bungee Fitness studio not far from us in Burlington called ZenFit and then also discovered a second bungee class offered in Randleman - it's definitely gaining traction in the fitness community!

Details for ZenFit

2241 W. Hanford Rd. Suite 202 Burlington, NC 27215



In addition to bungee classes, they also offer aerial yoga, kickboxing and kettlebell interval conditioning as well. Due to a foot injury, I haven't been able to attend a bungee class at ZenFit just yet, but I look forward to trying one in the next few months! I love that they have the option to book parties and corporate events - the GLOW party sounds like it would be a lot of fun. You can book classes online.

The second bungee fitness location is in Randleman offered by their Parks and Recreation department

Details for Randleman

144 W Academy Street, Randleman, NC, United States, 27317

(336) 495-7525

Classes are Mondays and Thursdays at 9 am and cost is $20 for the month. I believe they may have evening classes as well. Must call to register.

A few years ago, I was introduced to the world of bungee fitness after trying a class at a studio in Cornelius which has sadly closed post-pandemic (but they're looking to relocate). Below you can read all about what the class was like in case you're curious before booking a similar experience at ZenFit.

Upon arriving at the studio, my husband Gabe and I signed the usual waivers and got fitted with a harness and bungee cords that were appropriate for our height and weight. After realizing I had gotten dressed too quickly that morning in unmatched socks, I was relieved when our trainer Brittany told us we would be removing our socks for the class! Fashion faux pas averted. Melanie (the owner) had let me know some tips ahead of time, recommending that I wear more than one layer of leggings to avoid chafing. This was a helpful tip for me and Gabe was also glad he wore joggers over his shorts.

The floor was a soft but sturdy foam-like surface which was nice and clean. Brittany started off the class by helping us get comfortable with our bungees and leading us in some stretches, squats, and lunges. It was the first time for all 4 of us in this Neo (beginner) class, so that made me feel at ease!

Brittany explained that the circular mark on the floor where we were standing was our “anchor point” and where we would start our runs and jumps. She showed us to start our runs with our left foot on the mark and how many steps to take as we practiced jumping and leaning forward to trust our bungees. It was a weird feeling at first just letting myself go and falling, but once I relaxed, it was SO fun! She taught us star jumps where we would stretch out our arms and legs at the end of the jump, as you’ll see pictured below. Gabe wins for best facial expressions, as always.

Photo byMelanie Taylor

Photo byMelanie Taylor

We did our runs and jumps into all 4 corners of the studio and that alone had me working up a sweat! Next, Brittany had us move into doing some push-ups with claps in between and let me tell you, that’s probably the only time in my life I’ll successfully be able to clap in between push-ups (thanks, bungee!!!) I felt like some kind elite athlete for a minute there.

We then did some plank varieties – full planks, high fives with our partner as we planked, and single leg planks. It might look like a lot of dance moves that are just “fun”, but it is definitely a solid full-body cardio and core workout that will leave you breathless and sweating!! At the end of the roughly 30-minute class, I was feeling spent but in the best way.

Photo byMelanie Taylor

Photo byMelanie Taylor

Photo byMelanie Taylor

Photo byMelanie Taylor

I thought it was so neat to learn that they have been able to help a client with Cerebral Palsy to strengthen the ligaments and improve function through bungee training! What an innovative option for those with joint issues and needing low impact training. The normal class size is 8, so it’s the perfect size for a girls’ weekend activity or bachelorette party!

Prepare For Your First Bungee Class By Bringing:

  • Water bottle
  • Thick leggings
  • A body ready to jump, fly, sweat and have FUN!

Are you ready to give bungee a try? If you know of other bungee locations in the Triad, please comment and let me know!

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