Did Democrats hold back a cure for cancer since 1999?

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The thought of a cure to cancer is an amazing, but then why would someone hold on to it? Remember Joe Biden making the astronomical claim he would cure cancer in his term? Find the CNN video here. The claimed seems so far fetched that not many journalist even reported on in. How could you be so bold to claim you would have a cure and in such a short period of time when we have been searching for a cancer cure for 40+ years?

Many people have been talking about how they cured their cancer since 2017 and literally only one has reported on it. Is the simple and readily available ingredient that is curing cancer been around us this whole time? Is this why Joe Biden and the Democrats have been so sure that they will have this cure now?

News reporter Evan Onstot interviewed a man named Joe Tippen who said "Multiple doctors found cancer in my lungs my neck my liver my pancreas my bladder my bones, it was everywhere". They told him to go home call Hospice and say his goodbyes. Doctors were unanimous that he was going to die of small cell lung cancer. Doctors agreed that once cancer gets that far chances of survival is less than one percent. In fact they told him the median life expectancy for him was 3 months.

Tippen's went from 220lbs to 110lbs and that was January of 2017. Tippen said he got a tip from a veterinarian that other people were facing certain death as well cured their cancer with an ingredient available to all. Something most veterinarian's knew since 1999. Doctors were left scratching their heads as to how Joe survived at all much less thriving years later. Half the people he meets call him crazy the other half just want to know how he did it. Joe details everything in his blog listed below.

So can a medicine that has been available to dogs this whole time be the cure to cancer? It seems for Joe Tippen and others it just is. So what is this unique ingredient? Fenbendazole is a treatment for worms in dogs. Yes, a dewormer. In just 3 months of taking a dog dewormer the scans showed that Joe Tippen's cancer was gone.

Stephen Prescott President of Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation said "I'm usually skeptical, was and maybe still am about this". Adding "But, there is background on this". He said "Tippen is not the first to benefit from Anti-Parasitic's and he may not be the last. Scientists have been working with these for years".

Tippen said he took the dog dewormer with vitamin E oil, and CBD for pain. He also said that his insurance company spent 1.2 million dollars trying to save him by traditional means before he switched to a $5 a week medication that saved him. He is correct we found the medicine available on Amazon for $5.99 here. Tippen says he will take it now for life.

Medical research is now working with Tippen's ad others in a rigorous testing to organize a clinical study to see if this is a typical response. Tippen's now has a blog and more than 40+ people are sharing their success stories. Find his blog here.

So the big question is have the Democrats put strategies in motion that would release this information to the public only during Biden's Administration? Some people we spoke with said it you would have to have completed clinical trials to be able to say what Joe Biden said and be accurate. To date the closest clinical trial is this one in Oklahoma. His oncologist said "You know, we've known for decades that these anthelmintic class of drugs (meaning to destroy parasites in the intestines) could have possible efficacy against cancer, and in fact in the 80's and 90's there was a drug called Levamisole that was used on colon cancer and it is an anthelmintic drug".

Levamisole was pulled in the US in 1999 after Democrats pushed the World Health Organization to pull it even though in clinical trials on it and tetramisole showed similar effect on cancer during trials. World Health Organization listed Levamisole as an "Essential Drug" back in 1966 so why pull it after Democrats push? No one knows the deep ties and money that are involved with Big Pharma and Lobbyist and the effect on those searching for a cure. "Money is the root of all of this" says Levamisole Rep in 1999, "people and animals will suffer without this drug".

So is Fenbendazole the new Levamisole? Is this the cure that Joe Biden is referring to. Would you use a $5 a week drug to try to save your life? Fenbendazole has been around since before 2005 how many cancer patients no longer alive could have benefited from this drug? When it suits them will the Democrats ban this too?

Written by Marie Sharp

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