Opinion: The Travesty of the Debt Limit Farce

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The debt limit was raised three times under Trump with nary a whimper, but now with Dems in charge it's a big deal once again.

Republicans never had a problem lifting the debt limit under Trump. It seems only the policies of Democrats bring forth Republicans' mock fiscal responsibility. Why do we reelect people who threaten to shut down our government over partisan politics? If running the government is their job, isn't causing the government to shut down the ultimate admission of failure?

Perhaps we need an amendment to the Constitution to inject some backbone and responsibility into our elected leaders. I doubt our founders anticipated such reckless behavior as refusing to pay the nation's bills. I think such egregious behavior should be met with correspondingly harsh consequences.

Sure, go ahead and default on our responsibilities — we'll dissolve the government, unseat all elected representatives with no recourse for reelection and finally hold new elections. Then we can start over again, hopefully, with a new government willing to do the job.

I'm tired of the empty threats. The Republicans played these deficit ceiling games through the Obama administration, and now they are at it again with the Biden administration.

What hypocrisy to rubber-stamp Trump’s requests to raise the debt ceiling but pretend concern over the debt limit when the Democrats are in power.

Is this what we elect these people for — to play partisan power games with the nation's reputation? Who are our representatives threatening with a government shutdown?

The little guys — you and me.

Shutting down the government, which is the direct result of holding the line on the debt limit, stops the Federal government from serving the American people. Payments from the Federal government to families who count on them for survival would end along with maintaining national defense, national parks, and countless other recipients would be at risk. The public health system, which has enabled this country to react to a global pandemic, would be unable to adequately function along with Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

What we have is our representatives threatening the very constituents who elected them.

Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the minority leader, wants to grant a temporary increase until December, although that would merely postpone a default deadline for a matter of weeks.

Really Mitch! How generous of you to grant the government a few weeks more to do the job you were elected to do — how about you admit abject failure and resign?

What a farce. We elect these people to run the government in our stead, and they turn around and threaten to run it into the ground. At the very least, they should forfeit a month's pay for every day they cause the government to be shut down. But I believe that a more appropriate consequence would be to lose their elected office, admit total incompetence and failure, and be barred from ever running for public office again.

Why should we put up with this nonsense from our elected representatives? We elected them to do a job. Defaulting on the nation's debts is not an option, it is an admission of failure. Now it's December already, so it's time for Mr. McConnell to start harping on the debt ceiling again. Merry Christmas!

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