Opinion: Fox News Instills Fear, Rather Than Imparting The Simple Truth

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Anti-White-Mania or an Honest Look at History?

Gullible conservatives will believe anything that comes out of Tucker Carlson’s mouth. Carlson’s recent bellyache is about Critical Race Theory. A theory he clearly does not understand or pretends otherwise. Carlson contends schools are teaching race hate based on Critical Race Theory. He’s predicting that CRT will lead to an all-out race war in the US. I suppose a race war would be good for Fox ratings, their sole motivation. Michael Savage stated on Newsmax that “Now they’re beating up white children in schoolrooms.”

This is all inflammatory language in the absence of facts, which can best be summed up as “white rage.” White rage flares hot at suggesting that systemic racism has permeated our society, a fundamental tenet of CRT.

In its simplest form, Critical Race Theory claims that 335 years of slavery and segregation have affected how we view and treat people of color today. That 335 years of slavery and segregation have permeated our society and institutions. Is it that hard to understand that when you subjugate people for that long, those beliefs and attitudes seep into the rules and laws governing society? It seems pretty apparent to me.

If it had no influence, how can we account for the eighteenth and nineteenth-century laws that barred people of color from testifying in court, especially if the case involved a white person?

Suppose this history of domination and subjugation did not affect our system of government. How can you account for a federal government program started in 1933 that was designed to increase and segregate America’s housing stock? For decades US banks denied mortgages to Black families — and those belonging to other minority groups. People of color in poor areas were red-lined by a federal government agency called the Home Owners’ Loan Corporation.

Critical race theorists believe that racism is an everyday experience for most people of color. Unfortunately, a large part of white society is oblivious to everyday racism. For the most part, systemic racism is invisible to whites, as are the benefits accrue to them, so they see little need for change.

When specific segments of white society are confronted with the unvarnished truth of our history, they react with indignant rage. Rage away. It does not change our past.

Conservatives prefer to white-wash our history and pretend events happened differently. Conservatives would instead recall slavery as the time when black entrepreneurs came to America to grow tobacco and cotton, only to discover that the white Europeans were superior managers and naturally volunteered to work for free.

Much as we’d like, we can’t strike 335 years of history from the record, and there is simply no way to put a positive spin on it. Enslaving people is brutal, and segregation is a disturbing policy that undermines equality, implicitly claiming one group’s superiority over another. We can own up to our true history, but we can’t ignore it, and we can’t deny it.

Critical Race Theory is not new. Legal scholars developed CRT in the 1970s as a way to study systemic racism. Unfortunately, it became a recent obsession of right-wing media. CRT does not advocate reverse racism, nor does it support white hate. CRT does not pit whites against blacks. Instead, CRT seeks to understand why racism is so persistent today by looking at our history. Critical Race Theory is simply a tool to explore our past and hopefully chart a new and better course that is fair to all regardless of color. It won’t work if we won’t honestly face up to our history.

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