Colon Cancer Symptoms: Don't Ignore the Warning Signs

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Of the many types of cancer that can strike, one of the scariest and most difficult to detect is colon cancer, which develops in the large intestine (also known as the large bowel or large bowel). Colon cancer isn’t always easy to detect; in fact, some people don’t experience any symptoms until their condition has progressed significantly. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to your body and understand what colon cancer symptoms are to help prevent this type of cancer from occurring. This list outlines 5 zodiac signs that are more likely to develop colon cancer.

1) Aries

Aries are natural-born leaders, which makes them go-getters in every sense of the word. They believe that life is about taking chances and living fearlessly. But sometimes being a risk taker can have serious consequences — Aries tend to ignore colon cancer symptoms or attribute them to something else, like hemorrhoids or an ulcer. When it comes to health issues, Aries tend not to see a doctor until there’s no other option. This is likely due to their self-reliant nature, but it’s also why they develop cancer later on in life; regular screenings could have detected pre-cancerous cells sooner if they had undergone earlier checkups.

2) Cancer

Pancreatic cancer is one of those insidious killers that we don’t hear much about. In some ways, it’s a good thing: It means people aren’t being diagnosed until they reach an advanced stage of cancer, when survival rates are dismal (4 percent five-year survival rate for early stage disease and just 6 percent for late stage). Pancreatic cancer does tend to run in families. Lynch syndrome, which can be diagnosed with genetic testing, is more common among people who have family members with pancreatic cancer; having Lynch increases your risk of developing both colon and pancreatic cancers by 70 percent. Having adenomatous polyps—small growths in your colon—is also associated with increased risk of developing pancreatic cancer.

3) Scorpio

Scorpios have a tendency towards introversion, making them less likely to seek medical attention for symptoms that may be subtle in nature. This makes them susceptible to any number of cancers and diseases, but especially those that are related to internal organs like the colon or rectum. Scorpios with colon cancer symptoms should pay attention and see a doctor before it becomes an advanced case; they may also want to increase their consumption of vegetables and fiber foods.

4) Pisces

Fishy people, especially females, are two times more likely than any other zodiac sign to develop colon cancer. This cancer is often attributed to genetics, but researchers believe emotional stress is also a major factor that can trigger colon cancer in Pisces. These people tend to internalize stress rather than deal with it head-on and must learn how to properly express their emotions in order to reduce their risk of colon cancer. They also need support from friends and family as well as guidance from a psychologist who can help them recognize what triggers their stress response so they can better manage their stress.

5) Aquarius

Aquarius folks are known for their experimental and unconventional tendencies. They enjoy being different from others, as it makes them feel special. As a result, they’re more likely to try new things when it comes to diet and exercise—and ignoring cancer warning signs such as rectal bleeding can lead people with Aquarius astrological signs into colon cancer. For example, an Aquarius is more likely than other zodiac signs to drink large amounts of alcohol daily without experiencing adverse effects.

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