Genie Interactive Games Set to Release Cecil Video Game In 2023

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The Cecil Video GameGenie Interactive Games

"The Cecil" Video Game is a horror-based game about the mysteries of the Cecil Hotel and the evil energy that surrounds it, but with a twist, really contrary to popular belief. Explore the hotel and generally find out the mysteries and untold stories through the halls of horror in a subtle way. Genie Interactive and its developers are hard at work with their first AAA title, which is called "The Cecil: The Journey Begins." Lead developer and CEO of GIG, Tony Brown, better known as Meztheprod, set out to create something with real events and replace them with fiction events based on real-world events. Genie Interactive Games started its development journey in 2019 and started working on its first title in 2021. Soon after, they created their own creators' studio where they could develop and create in a game-themed environment.
The Cecil Video GameGenie Interactive

It's time we look at the storyline of this future legendary game to prepare ourselves for this upcoming horror game on the PC and Xbox platforms. The Cecil is a survival horror-based video game soon to be released on PC, Steam, and Xbox One. "Cecil" is a horror-based game about the mysteries of the Cecil hotel and the evil energy that occurs around it, but with a twist and fiction events. Explore the hotel and find out about the mysteries and untold stories that lie within the halls of horror. Jeff Chambers wakes up in his gloomy and dark hotel room to nothing but silence. He’s confused and desperately needs to get out of the hotel, only to find out that the hotel is abandoned and there are evil souls that still lurk in the place. Jeff soon realizes that this is no easy task to fight against evil. Eventually, he understands he must find the 3 crests (stages) of grief to escape the hotel, which are: Shock & Denial, Pain & Guilt, and Acceptance and Hope. The CEO, Tony Brown, also stated that Cecil will be a series-type game with chapters ranging from 1–3. GIG also describes the type of environment this takes place in. Just picture darkness being the main setting because it enables our fear mechanism, letting us fear that something is about to happen at any moment. This happens because of our inability to see clearly. It has a dark, gloomy atmosphere with eerie music to keep you on edge at all times, with jump scares and fear of the unexpected and unknown. This incredible game is set to release later in 2023. So far, those looking forward to the game's release have given it positive feedback. Gamers from Twitch all the way to the Youtube platform have taken an interest in The Cecil.

Although survival horror is very competitive, there is still a lack of frequent releases from horror developers, but GIG won't let anything stand in their way. Using the Unreal Engine platform, these creators have learned how to develop video games from the Youtube Academy. That's right, Youtube. GIG also released a video showing off early gameplay, and we must say that it does look very much like a AAA video game. GIG has also released updated trailers and concept art to its fans on Twitter and via their website. Keep an eye out for this treat; it may be a scary one.

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