Some say the customer is always right; others disagree

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As a server, it is your job to follow company policy and ensure that the customers are satisfied with their experience. These expectations, as well as the compensations, can vary drastically.

For instance, server pay can range from $2.13/hr. in some of the poorest states, to just shy of eleven dollars in Oregon, and rising even higher in places like New York City, where the minimum server pay is $15/hr.

While tips can certainly improve these wages, most servers are ready to go home at the end of their shift. However, many businesses will not allow employees to turn away customers even after closing time. This is legal in most instances, except for some highly regulated businesses, such as bars and lounges where there is a clear cut-off for selling alcohol.

Eating out is something that people from the Oregon Coast and more love to do. Whether a full-blown meal or a little snack, each outing should be treated with respect for everyone involved, including servers.

Were they wrong to order past closing time?

The problem in this scenario arose when a Redditor and his girlfriend thought they didn’t need to respect the servers at a local venue. Of course, they didn’t see it that way. In fact, they were “baffled by this situation.”

They passed a “famous confectionery” on a nighttime walk. It was already ten minutes past closing time when they approached the business. Customers were still in line, and there were patrons in the outdoor seating.

So, the couple decided to ask one of the staff if they could make a purchase. The employees they encountered provided service, though they were clearly not enthused about this after-hours purchase. The couple didn’t understand why.

He heard an out-of-uniform employee muttering on their way out about people behaving like this couple had. When he told the employee they had asked, the employee called him entitled and another word for a jerk.

To show his inability to see the situation clearly, OP defends them by saying, “That comment was quite funny since my girlfriend had worked as a server before.”

Reddit responses

The folks on Reddit had plenty to say about this and very little in support of this man and his girlfriend. Some folks said they should have insisted on takeout, while others contend that misses the point.

It is not just about how that event occurred, it is the sense of entitlement that had many upset. Those who have actually worked as servers or personally know servers were quick to point out that the employees were likely forbidden to say they are closed.

Customers benefit from this policy because they can show up early or late with only the employee getting reprimanded if a disagreement arises. So, the servers just kept quiet and provided them with what was ordered.

A large number of respondents felt that they were indeed acting like jerks, even with her experience in the customer service industry. When people suggested they get their order to go, OP just said they were served dine-in as though that made him and his girlfriend unable to ask for their order to be boxed.

No, they wanted to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air and dessert. While there is nothing wrong with doing that at an open establishment, it becomes highly problematic when people want to push the limits for their own pleasure.

They disregarded the schedule of the business and the time of the employees. Yes, it is their job to serve customers. However, they are given a work schedule and deserve to be able to leave when their schedule is over, not stand around waiting for a couple of selfish jerks.

What are your opinions on this? Have you been a server? Do you think they were acting entitled, clueless, or both? I would love to hear what you have to say below!

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