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This uncle didn’t want to feed his nephew, even though there was plenty of food and they could afford more. With kids across the nation going to sleep hungry every night, including 106+K in Oregon, his wife found his choice outrageous.

A man posted about the disagreement he and his wife had, wondering if he was in the wrong. While he seemed fairly confident he was right to withhold the food, at least a small part of him suspected his wife’s generosity with their food was the better way to treat guests.

The uncle opens by saying how much he enjoys spending time with his three nephews. He seems to genuinely appreciate the family company, which makes his reluctance to feed his nephew well all the more puzzling.

The kids were over for the weekend, and his wife made meatloaf and mac n cheese for dinner. All of the kids had generous servings and his 14 y.o. nephew, “Erik,” asked for seconds. After being told to save room for dessert, the kid complied.

While OP claims to understand what it is like, he still didn’t want to give the growing boy more food after dessert was eaten. However, his wife “went over” his head and allowed their guest to have more dinner.

That night, he complained to his wife about the incident. He insisted there was nothing wrong with saving enough food to have the same meal a second night.

His wife, who takes care of the kitchen, was having none of it. She keeps the kitchen stocked and thought he should have asked her before giving Erik a flat no.

He describes Erik as lanky and says that the boy ate so much that he fell asleep on the couch while his siblings played video games. Some pointed out that at his age food and rest are vital to maturing fully.

Additionally, folks were quick to mention that the teen was asking for nutritious food, not sugary fare that could thwart healthy development. As one Redditor put it, “Anyone who asks for more meatloaf of all things is hungry, not snacky.”

In fact, the overwhelming consensus was the OP was being a jerk for trying to keep his nephew from eating well. No matter the motive, it is certainly not okay to keep a teen from eating healthy foods when they are available in abundance.

There are many ways that families can stretch their food budget, including hunting in some parts of Oregon and the US as a whole. If this talk of meatloaf has made you hungry, and you have some ground elk in your freezer, check out this five-star recipe.

What do you think? Do you think people had it right, or do you have a different take? Let us know below!

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