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These Are Best Farmers Market in Brooklyn, NY

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Brooklyn being the busiest place in New York is very famous for its parks and sceneries. If you ever plan a trip to Brooklyn then there are a lot of places to see and explore.
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Once you think of spending a day tour in Brooklyn your day will end but spots to explore won't end. Apart from the theme parks and malls, Brooklyn also seeds some amazing farming markets that make it the center of attraction for tourists as well as the residents.

Some of the most highlighted farmers markets are enlisted below. Do give them a read before you set off to see them.

Brooklyn flea market

If you plan to buy something fresh and healthy, head towards the Brooklyn market. It has almost everything and is very wide.

The market does not get crowded because of the huge area. So no matter how many people show up for the market, it doesn't feel like Hunger Games at all.

Address: 176 Lafayette Avenue, Clinton Hill, Brooklyn New York, 11238.

Greenpoint McCarren Park farmers point

Tired of looking for the right market? Grab your car keys and just stop over at the Greenpoint McCarren Park.

It is not just an ordinary farmers market because the freshest and right from the farm fruits and vegetables are found here. The market has about everything you need from fruits to vegetables, from meat and beef to seafood.

In terms of prices, everything sold is very reasonable and so you don’t need to bargain with the vendors at all.

Address: Union Ave &, N 12th St, Brooklyn, NY 11206.

Carroll Gardens Greenmarket

It is not surprising to say that the Carroll Gardens is less of a market and more of an entertainment spot.
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People often come here to explore new things and items they have never seen before. The Carroll Greenmarket has all kinds of fruits, vegetables, and herbs that are even off the season.

It is said that they have their farm where they harvest most of the edibles.

Address: Carroll St &, Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11231.

Final verdict

The farmers markets of Brooklyn are home and means of earning for many who own small ventures for their bread and butter.

They sell goods and work with dedication. Most of the goods that are available in the market are sowed and harvested by the vendors themselves.

So why not support our local business by including a weekly trip to your favourite farmers market?

Have you checked any of these? Let us know in the comments below.

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