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Surprising Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Grand Central

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Grand Central or Grand Central Terminal is a famous landmark of New York City and is one of the busiest train stations in the world.
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There are fair chances that if you are a resident of NYC, you might visit this place daily or weekly, but do you know that this place is merely a train station to have some interesting and surprising facts that we are sure you never want to miss.

So here we are to tell you some surprising facts about Grand Central that you probably didn't know about. Here we go!

More than 750,000 people visit it daily

Can you imagine it? More than 750,000 visitors visit the Grand Central Terminal every day, and this number goes to over 1 million on the holidays.

Apart from the commuters, tourists from all around the world must visit the Grand ventral when they visit NYC. More than 2 million tourists visit Grand central every year.
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The Celestial Ceiling

The Station's main concourse ceiling showcases beautiful horoscope murals and 2500 stars. You probably have seen it quite a few times while walking past it.

But do you know that this celestial ceiling has been painted upside down and showing God's perspective? The surprising thing is that the roof is not painted upside down intentionally, but it was a mistake and was noted after the terminal opened.
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It is the largest train station

The Grand Central is not only the busiest train station, but it is also the largest train station in the world.

The Grand central covers 48 acres (19 hectares) area. It has 44 platforms, all below the ground, serve 67 tracks, out of which 43tracks are on the upper level and 27 on the lower level.

It surely lives up to its name!

There is a secret platform

There is a secret abandoned platform under the Waldorf – Astoria Hotel. It's called Track 61.
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The platform existed before this hotel was built. It is said that this platform was earlier used to transport the VIPs, including Adlai Stevenson and Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Today this platform is used by the VIP guests of the hotel to escape if they want to avoid the press. How's that for a fun fact?

The Whispering Gallery

The four arched galleries between the dining concourse and the Oyster bar, designed by Spanish tile worker Rafael Gustavion have a secret that it keeps no secrets.

If you whisper in one arch of the gallery, the sound will be heard by your friends or other commuters in the other arch. Keep in mind that the arches are 30 feet away from each other.

The Valuable clocks

The terminal has two valuable clocks. One outside of the building, facing the 42th street, measuring 13 feet in diameter is the world's largest Tiffany glass clock.

Another clock, inside the main concourse, beside the busiest information booth, is made of opal and had four face clocks. This clock worth around $20 million, and the New Yorker's famous phrase "meet me by the clock" actually refers to this clock.
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A Tennis court

Yes, you've read it right. The Grand central also features a tennis court if you want to have a quick round while waiting for your train.

The Vanderbilt Tennis court is on the fourth floor of the terminal and is open to the public.

Which one of these you are the most surprised about? Let us know in the comments below.

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