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Astoria Queens, NYC: get a taste of being a park of neighborhood community

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Many people think that there is just no concept of community when it comes to New York, but that is not quite right.

New Yorkers are extremely mindful about their territory as they explore it through and through and would say that the bars, coffee shops, and restaurants are the best around. But that should not stop you, a New Yorker, from exploring other neighbourhoods as every one of them has something special to offer, such as the Astoria Queens.

The more you will come around this place, the more you will be able to establish a sense of loyalty to it as a local in fact, it goes for any other neighbourhood in New York, but Astoria Queens is a little special.

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Why should you be visiting Astoria Queen?

Astoria Queen has a reputation that goes a long way into the past. It was named after a businessman known as John Jacob Astor who made a small investment in this area and never lived here himself, but the name kind of stuck with the place.

In 1920 it was home to Paramount's production unit, and a lot of classic movies were shot here. So a good place to explore if you are a bit of a cinema lover.

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Immigrants first established the place, and still to this day, you will see the same vibes going around, and the food here is simply magical due to all the cultural diversity that this place presents with.

The neighborhood has good taste in jazz music, independent boutiques and record stores, and an extremely rich and authentic Greek restaurant in all of New York. So, are you intrigued yet? If not, then reading about the following might get you there fast.

Museum of The Moving Image

Photo credits: Museum of The Moving Image

It is only 15 minutes from midtown and features the most elegant three-story extension containing a 267 seat cinema along with expanded gallery spaces.

There is a "Behind the screens" exhibit in this museum that is especially known for having more than 1000 production artefacts along with some vintage games.

Address: 36-01 35th Ave, Queens, NY 11106.

Queen’s room

Photo credits: Queen's Room Nyc

This is a small eatery along with a bar, but as the name suggests, you will be traded nothing less than royalty. The signature Bourbon BBQ burger is something to get yourself addicted to, and the addition of fries along the side just makes it more magical.

Address: 3602 Ditmars Blvd, Queens, NY 11105.

The Letlove Inn

Photo credits: What Should We Do

This is an old-fashioned jazz bar, but if you are a jazz lover, then it will have you rolling all night long as it has a warm and cozy atmosphere.

The drinks are top-notch and you simply can't go wrong dancing to the melodies of the sweet jazz tones that completes the whole jazzy vibe that is going on in this jazz bar.

Address: 27-20 23rd Ave, Queens, NY 11105.

Astoria Park

Photo credits: Astoria Park Alliance

It is probably better if you did spend some time in nature and what other place than Astoria Park to do just that. The park is situated near the East River and offers people a tennis court, basketball courts, playgrounds, and quite some open space to tend to their own forms of leisure.

May we suggest a nice afternoon picnic? Or a lazy lay-in with a good book in hands?

Taverna Kyclades

Photo credits: Flying Fourchette

If you are a food lover and admire exotic flavors with a bit of cultural accuracy present on the plate, Taverna Kyclades will tip you off.

The whole establishment is as authentic as the Greek food and culture go. The crisp calamari, flash-fried sardines, and grilled scallops are a few items you can't go wrong with.

The whole neighborhood welcomes you and takes you on a fun ride, the one you wish can go on for some time.

Address: 33-07 Ditmars Blvd, Queens, NY 11105.

Will you be planning a quick trip to Astoria Queens any time soon? Let us know in the comments below.

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