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Hilarious but very true quotes about New York City by a witty New Yorker Fran Lebowitz

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Every New Yorker knows who Fran Lebowitz is. This witty writer and public speaker have lived her whole life in Manhatten, New York since the '70s.

Fran is anything but boring. The writer is well-known for her eccentric humour and sharp remarks and commentaries. As well as being super old school by refusing to have a cellphone or even a computer.

Recently, Netflix aired a new 7-episode docuseries about Fran Lebowitz called 'Pretend it's a City' which was directed by her good old friend Martin Scorsese. The series focuses on Fran's early life and her hate-love relationship with New York.

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In the series, Lebowitz and Scorsese walk around the streets of Manhattan, visit the New York Public Library and talk about what it's like working as a cab driver in New York, being a gay person and she doesn't miss a chance to complain about almost everything from cab drivers to tourists, people of New York as well as a subway system.

Although Fran doesn't hesitate to show her disapproval and dislike towards some of the systems of New York, her unconditional love and dedication for the city can be clearly seen in Pretend it's a City.

Best Fran Lebowitz Quotes About What It Is Like Living in New York City

If there is one thing Fran Lebowitz dislikes it is a public transport system:

"One day I heard that the subway had been closed due to a sewage smell. Seriously? Can the subway smell worse than usual? Let me tell you what smells horrible on the L train: The passengers."

And let's not forget people in general:

"It's an amazing thing because there are millions of people [in New York], and the only person looking where they are going is me."

She also shared a few thoughts about why the gay community in New York:

"One of the reasons people our age came to New York, if you were gay, was because you were gay. Now, you can be gay anywhere. We came here because you couldn’t live in those places. That created a density of angry homosexuals. Which is always good for a city. There’s nothing better for a city than a dense population of angry homosexuals.”

Either way, she is not afraid to call out a decision that she disapproves of such as cement recliners in Times Square:

"What did that cost? $40 million, taxpayer money. It wasn’t Bloomberg’s treat, either. $40 million, taxpayer money. $40 million for that. Okay? Because so many New Yorkers have said, ‘You know what I hate about New York? There’s not enough places to lie down in Times Square."

On expensive living costs in New York:

"No one can afford to live in New York. Yet, eight million people do. How do we do this? We don't know!"

Oh, and new trendy yoga is not something Fran approves:

"About one-third of people in the street in New York City have a yoga mat. That alone would keep me from yoga. Carrying around a little rolled-up rug is really—you know, New York used to be much more fashionable. I don’t like to see these people walking around with these rugs. It’s terrible. The last time I had a rug, I was in kindergarten. We had to bring one because we had to nap on the floor.”

But in the end, her love for the big city is always shining:

"When people say, 'Why do you live in New York?' you really can't answer them, except you know that you have contempt for people who don't have the guts to do it."

Check out the trailer for Pretend It's a City!

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