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Emotions and thoughts have a big impact on our wellbeing but also on our life in general. Sometimes those emotions are controlling our lives and are hard to distinguish.

It’s so easy to get caught in bad relationships, situations and thoughts without even noticing. Realizing the importance of letting go and not feeling guilty is the step toward a happier life.

There are a lot of things you should let go of but in my opinion, these 5 might be among the most important ones.

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Toxic Relationship

Being in a relationship, whether it may be romantic, friend or family one isn’t always all nice and easy. It’s so simple to get caught in a relationship that is full of negativity and is drawing all of your energy without you even realizing it.

When you are surrounded by people that bring you nothing but bad energy it’s definitely not good for your emotional and mental health. They don’t say that love is blind for no reason.

We tend to overlook the obvious signs of a toxic relationship and end up getting deeper into it which can leave us with serious scars.

Noticing that kind of relationships and letting go of them is so important. As hard as it can and probably will be there is no reason for you to keep people that don’t support you and that bring you down in your life.

We all grow and change and although you may be friends with someone for a long time that doesn’t mean that it’s a healthy relationship. Holding onto toxic people just because you are afraid of living without them is doing you no good.

Only after you let go of them you’ll be able to see how much happier and positive your life will be.

Negative Body Image

Body confidence and self-love is probably something we all struggle with or have struggled with in our lives. We tend to only focus on bad things about our appearance and totally overlook all the beautiful features from the outside but most importantly from the inside.

There is nobody like you in this whole world, body and mind wise. You are unique and exactly because of that, you are so special. Focusing on the size, body shape and weight while having in mind some other image of beauty is so unhealthy.

I know how hard it is to have a shift of mindset and realize that you are gorgeous just the way you are but that’s something that you need to strive toward.

Negative body image is just holding you back to completely unleash your beauty and confidence that you keep deep inside. We all want to be loved and appreciated by others so we forget that the most important person whose love we need to survive is our own.

Only when you learn how to truly love yourself you’ll see that the opinion of others, bad or good, won’t be something you’ll rely on because what you think about yourself is what’s the most important. So let go of body shaming and make the first step toward self-love.

Comparison and Jealousy

It’s so easy to look at the cover of the magazine or just scroll through Instagram and the feeling of comparison just slowly starts to build inside of you. We see this “perfect” life of celebrities and different influencers that make our life seem like there is something wrong with it. We start to compare our body, career, love life, home, etc. and end up in this chanted circle.

The problem starts when we forget that the things that those people share are the highlights of their day or life. I’m sure that you do the same thing on your Instagram account. We share amazing and beautiful things that are happening in our lives so that we can go back and remember them.

Just because you see this beautiful model in a magazine, a celebrity on a TV or influencer on this amazing trip doesn’t mean that their life is perfect. They are humans just like you and I.

So there is absolutely no reason for you to compare yourself to them. If nothing you should feel inspired to work harder and accomplish all the things you want in life. Just let go of that jealousy that is seriously just pushing you down and keeping you away from the life you want to live.

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Fear of Failure

Sometimes we are our own worst enemy. We have so many amazing and innovative ideas that could really work but that little voice in our head is just making us quit before we even try. That voice is fear.

We are among everything else afraid of failure and disappointment. Our brain is programmed to keep us safe from anything that looks hard or unusual so whenever you have an idea the alarm in your brain sets of you immediately think about thousand reasons why it wouldn’t work out.

Just ask yourself how many of those kinds of moments you’ve had in your life and you’ll see that this is what’s been holding you back.

Our brain is so powerful and we just need to learn how to control that power for our own good. Let go of that negative thought in your mind and fear of failure in any aspect of your life and look for the positive things.

It’s better to try even if it doesn’t end up as you thought it would than constantly ask yourself what if. What if I started that business I think every day about, what if I just booked that plain and went on that journey, what if I started a new class… Don't let your life be full of what-ifs.


Reflecting and learning from your past is absolutely amazing and really important so you don’t make the same mistakes again but holding onto it isn’t healthy. Different situations and experiences from the past can make us its prisoners.

When you constantly think and hold onto the past, the present and the future is suffering. You are missing out on all the beautiful and amazing moments that life brings. Letting go of the past isn’t easy but it’s necessary.

Until you get to that point where you realize how much harm living in the past is making, you will never be completely free. Life is too short as it is and wasting your time on the things you can’t change is meaningless.

This is not only bad for your mental health but it’s also affecting the people around you who care about and love you. If you have unsolved issues from the past talk to someone about it or just take a notebook and pour your heart on the paper.

This might help you actually realizing where the problem is and eventually overcome it. Only when you completely let go of that negative feeling you are keeping inside you from the past that’s build up inside of you, you’ll be able to realize how blessed you are that you still have a chance to live your life in the fullest without looking back.

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