Why You Need A Vision Board and How To Create One

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One of the main elements that make me so productive these days is my vision board. It helps me visualise my goals and motivates me to seek them.

So today I am going to convince you why you need a vision board and will tell you exactly how to create one yourself.


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What is a vision board?

According to dearest Google, it's a tool used to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on a specific life goal.

Now that's a very defined answer to what's a vision board. I like to define it as a visual representation of your life goals, inspirations and deepest dreams.

Sounds good?

Why I need a vision board?

Many people make vision boards to simply decorate their room or house a bit. While I don't see anything bad in it, I still want to highlight how good a vision board can actually be for your motivation.

Here're the main reasons why you need a vision board in your life now:

It helps to set your goals

Vision board is a great way to set your goals and keep track of them. It's no secret that writing down your goals is one step towards achieving them but imagine how good it would be if you doubled this impact.

You will not only have written goals but also visualised ones. That, my friend, is a double step towards reaching your goals.

It gives you inspiration

While making a vision board it's important to add few images, quotes or prints that never fail to inspire you. Whenever you feel a bit lost or not sure of whatever you should do, look at your board and it will speak to you.

Of course, in order for it to do so, you need to make this board correctly, meaning don't put random images up on your wall and then expect them to make you super inspired. It doesn't work this way.

You actually need to put a bit of work into making this board. But more about that later in the post.

It gives you motivation

Let's not mix inspiration and motivation together.

Inspiration is what inspires you, gives you an idea, sparks something inside you.

Motivation, on the other hand, is what motivates you, pushes you to do certain things, tasks in order to fulfil that idea or that little spark.

Vision board is the greatest motivator for me. Whenever I feel discouraged to do something or just am in one of those meh modes, I take a look at my vision board and I instantly get that little kick, boost to stop moping around and just do it.

It keeps a track of your achievements

You know those moments when you feel like you aren't achieving anything and that your life simply sucks? Yeah, I get those too.

But you know what helps me feel better and a little bit proud of what I did so far? Yes, a vision board.

I never realise how much I already did until I take a look at my vision board. Let me give you an example from my experience.

On my old board, I had a photo of Ed Sheeran, I always wanted to hear him live. One day he decided to come to Lithuania and guess who stood in a big arena listening to his heavenly voice?

I had a photo of palm trees as well. One year later I travelled to Crete and to Cyprus later. Seeing those things on a board and then finally experiencing them is an amazing feeling. You feel like you can conquer the world.

How to create a vision board that works?

Now that we are all on the same page about the need for a vision board in your life, let's a look at how you can create one.

I will not teach you how to create a board that might decor your room, I will teach you how to create a board that will make you reach your goals faster and will make you more productive.

Step one - set the time limit

The first thing you want to do is decide what term goals will you be setting. Will it be one-year goals? 5-year goals?

One thing you need to note is that you can't mix your one 10-year goal with, let's say, 5 shorter term goals. You can do that, but it won't be effective.

I strongly believe that the same board won't work effectively for you for 10 years. You will get tired of it eventually. That's life.

So, think about what you're aiming for. If you're curious, I have a 5-year goals board.

Step two - set your goals

Now that you know how long you want to take to achieve those goals, it's time to take a pen with a notebook and write those goals down.

Think about what you want to achieve in that amount of time. There is just so much to say and learn about the process of setting goals that I don't think I can fit all of that in this post. But just note the most important bits:

  • your goals need to be realistic
  • your goals need to be achievable in the set limit of time

Step three - chose the way you want to display it

You need to decide how are you going to display or make your vision board. There are lots of ideas, inspirations for a vision board floating on the internet.

You can make a Pinterest board dedicated to your vision board, you can put your visuals plainly on your wall, you can use a frame to display them or start a journal and use it as a vision board.

But my favourite way is a traditional vision board: a simple board with visuals on it. I use a cork board with pins to display my visuals. But you can use a magnet board, simple poster paper or whatever floats your boat.

Step four - collect images, quotes, printables

This is the most fun step.

When you set your time limit, set the goals you want to achieve, it's time to visualise your goals. This is the part where people start having too much fun and end up with not very effective vision boards.

You need to collect three types of visual representations (images, printable or quotes). If you exclude one of them, your board will simply be less effective for you.

So, make sure you collect:

  • Visualisations of the goals you set
  • Visualisations of the things that inspire/motivate you
  • Visualisations of your future self

Now you see why it's not as simple as cutting out a random picture from magazines?

You need to know what you're cutting out and what it means to you. That visual image, quote or a printable has to have a meaning, a hidden message that you can read.

Of course, you can cut out a random photo if you like it so much just make sure to put a certain story behind it so that it would speak to you and would help you.

Step five - make sure you see it every single day

This is the step where my way of displaying a vision board comes handy.

In order to get something out of your vision board, you need to see it every day. Think about it, if you use Pinterest as your vision board, I can guarantee you that you won't open it and look at it every single day.

That's a plain fact.

You're likely not to see it every day if you create it as a journal as well. Basically, the best way to make a vision board is to actually stick to its name: vision board. Meaning you need to use a real board to make it all work.

By all means, do it however you feel it's the best for you. I just can't guarantee that it will be as effective if you won't use a board display. So, think good before making a decision.

Put your board on a wall and see how it makes a huge difference to your productivity and goal-reaching. I wouldn't be writing this post if I wouldn't believe in these things. Vision board work amazingly if you know how to use them.

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