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Some people who get into relationships tend to become all serious, some just fool around and some just go batshit crazy.

I find it very interesting how different people can be when it comes to relationships and having a partner. Me being me, I actually did a bit of thinking, observing and came up with a list of 7 types of people who are in relationships.

Now before I dive right into the types, I want to make one thing clear. I do not intend to offend anyone and I am not making any judgements. This is a pure comedy post for my and, hopefully, your entertainment.

So let's get to it, shall we?

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I present you with 7 types of people in the relationship:

1) Promo Infected

This is a type of person who keeps mentioning his or her partner in every single conversation. Even if it's completely unrelated.

I don't know what happens in the head of this type of person then he or she finds a partner because it straight up looks like an infection to me.

He or she be promoting his or her partner like crazy!

James did that too! Veggie burgers? I haven't tried them but James here... You're going to Santorini next year? Wow, you know one time James...

Like, stop. I get it. James did it all. James saw it all. James tried it all. Now can I discuss how adorable my cat looked last night without hearing another sentence about how adorable James looks in khaki?

2) "We're just friends" Supporter

Quite a self-explanatory type. These people just love saying the phrase "we're just friends" when it's more than obvious that they are way more than friends.

I'm sorry, did I miss the memo? Since when "friends" make out in public, hold hands while walking down the hallway and practically sleep together every other day?

Is this some kind of new trend of friendship?

Every time I hear this phrase I automatically roll my eyes so hard that you can practically see my eye whites.

You know why? Because this is bullshit!

Grow some balls and make it official already or just stop saying "we're just friends" just after someone seeing you kiss. "Friends with benefits" term doesn't surprise anyone these days, it's the 21st century for eff's sake!

3) Casually Obsessed

This type is probably the worst of all. This is the type of person who simply is obsessed with his or her partner.

Their life goal is to spend every single second of their time with their other halves. As soon as they are apart, Casually Obsessed starts to literally stalk his/her partner to find out where he/she is at every minute, second.

This type will literally go through all social media and all contacts to find out where her/his precious is.

So don't get surprised when he/she will pick up the phone in the middle of your conversation and will turn on GPS to know if her/his other half is still at home eating cornflakes or going around the town with friends.

The best - or maybe the worst - thing about this type of people is that they think that this is completely normal and okay, so they do it super casually.

Like, oh look my boyfriend just left the toilet! Haha, he's so cute.

4) Fluffy Sweety

You know those overly sweet, way too adorable to be real couples? Yeah, this is what I call Fluffy Sweety person.

These people might as well be called perfect. They are always holding hands, making cute couple things and anytime you see them you want to scream GOALS!

Thing is that they don't know the limits and after spending one day with them you are just done. Too sweet. Too adorable. Too cute.

Basically, they make you sick and you rather be hit by the car than watch another interaction between them.

Don't even get me started on those pet names...

Oh, you munchkin, I love you so much. You little sweet button of mine, I love you more. No, baby doll, I love you more.

5) Social Media Guru

Nothing happens unless Social Media Guru posts it on any social media or shares it online. No, seriously.


Officially started dating? Let's put a Facebook post up about it. Let's upload a photo as well after a few hours with #loveofmylife and #iloveyouboo.

Don't forget about Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and live stream.

This type is obsessed with letting all the world know about his/her relationship and how happy he/she is. There is no other post on Social Media Guru's accounts without some kind of relation to his/her partner.

Anniversary? Facebook it. Went on a date? Instagram that. Spend the night over? Snapchat to all.

6) Family Orientated

People of this type are the most serious ones. Once they get into a relationship, they instantly start planning their future with their partner.

They start making budget plans, planning the wedding, creating diagrams with statistics of what is the best number of kids to have. I wish I were kidding, but this type of people are quite common.

Don't even dare to say something along the lines of "we just started dating". No. They will not take this kind of irresponsible behaviour seriously.

Either you're in or you're out, there is no in-between. They get into relationships with one goal - to create a family, so you better be ready or they'll drop you like it's hot.

7) Tameless

This is an exact opposite of Family Orientated type. Tameless is exactly how the name sounds.

These people don't want to be serious in any way. They usually go wild at parties, flirt with anyone and sometimes cheat but never feel guilty.

It just happens to them because they're born this way.

Don't even try to discuss future plans with Tameless, he/she will flee faster than a little girl who was stung by the bee.

This being said the worst combination is Tameless and Family Orientated. You don't want to see those two fighting.

It's like a war zone.

What type of person are you or have you dated? Let us know in the comments below.

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