4 Reasons To Add Tooele County, Utah to Your Travel List

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Have you ever heard about Tooele County in Utah?

Well, you should because this destination is all you need for an unforgettable weekend with your family, spouse or even friends. The conveniently located county along Interstate-80 in the western part of the state, and between Wendover, Nevada and Salt Lake City is a perfect place for outdoor recreation, entertainment, Motorsports and even Western history.

So sit back and let me explain to you why Tooele County should appear on your travel list right now!

Festivals that will leave you speechless


Credits: Tooele County Tourism Board

Thousands of people join together for one unforgettable night filled with lanterns at the Lantern Festival which takes place on May 20th. Just imagine how incredibly beautiful it looks with thousands of lanterns lighting up the sky in the night time.

Also, live music, smores, food, activities for children and adults make it one of the best festivals in Tooele. On July 27th-30th County Fan Fest takes place and brings all music fans together. They can enjoy live music, camping life and even more amazing activities during the whole fest.

Lastly but not least, Bit N Spur Rodeo is an event that you can't miss. So mark your calendar for July 4th Weekend, an experience you won't forget.

Activities for all hobbies


Credits: Peak Bagger

One thing that I can promise you is that Tooele really has it all when it comes to outdoor activities.

Do you enjoy biking? Fear not, Tooele is a great place for that too. You can find lots of trails for biking all around the county, if you want a bit of challenge, you can test your strength in the 25-mile long Stansbury Front Trail.

Whatever your hobby is, fishing, motorsports, golfing, scuba diving, hunting, camping, sailing, horseback riding or bird watching, Tooele got you. Check out this website to find out more about these activities here!

The heaven for hiking lovers

Do you enjoy hiking? There are endless possibilities from mountains to even desserts and canyons for your enjoyment.

For more traditional hiking experience, you can explore a long-distance Mormon trail which is 1,300-mile long route from Illinois to Utah.

If you want a bit shorter adventure, Deseret Peak (11,031 feet summit) in the Stansbury Mountains or the surrounding wilderness. Beautiful and wild landscapes and a breath-taking 360-degree view of the county below from peaks.

Do not underestimate the peak if you plan on hiking, it is a challenging hike because of rocky ridges and higher elevation.

Even more, the Deseret Peak Wilderness Area is over 125,000 acres of wilderness that you can explore. Just imagine!

If you’re out for an alternative hike, you can try out trekking Great Salt Lake Dessert. According to the official website of Tooele County, this is the largest saltwater lake in the Western Hemisphere and also the 8th largest terminal lake in the world. Now that’s a bucket list item for sure.

Incredible looking dry lake with surrounding mountain views makes up for an amazing weekend trip. You can hike around the lake (or portion of it) and even swim in it for a treat.

Well, it will be more of a floating experience rather than swimming due to large salt content. It’s called the American Dead Sea for a reason.

Treasury of Western history


Credits: Tooele County Tourism Board

If history is your thing, then this county should definitely be on your US travel list. From World War II to technological developments, Tooele is home for so many museums and historic sites.

You can visit the Tooele Valley Railroad Museum which embraces the memories of World War II, the Korean and Vietnam wars. Plus, the museum showcases how the community transitioned into a more industrial age.

You can see artefacts and memorabilia from old railways, trains and different wars. Plus, you can climb aboard on Engine #11 within the museum properties! The recently opened Ophir Historic District lets you experience the Old West mining days.

There are historic buildings such as homes, a train, a shoe shop and a post office that makes you feel like you went back in time. 

Grantsville Dup Museum will give you an insight into Western history through antiques and a huge variety of expositions which you can find on their website.

Heaven for sports enthusiasts

If you enjoy sport no matter what kind or type, Tooele has the Deseret Peak Complex to fulfil all your sporty needs. The complex is just 35 minutes west of Salt Lake City and features a wide array of venues.

Every sports enthusiast is left satisfied. Don't believe me? There is an archery park, an aquatic centre, a baseball field, BMX, motocross tracks, playgrounds for children, indoor and outdoor arenas and much more.

I cannot list all of the facilities that this complex has but believe me when I tell you that it has everything related to sports. Check it out here!


Credits: Tooele County Tourism Board

Tooele County is a little gem that I am very happy to be introduced to and hopefully one day I will experience all it has to offer. One thing for sure is that their hiking and biking trails are calling for me.

If you want to find out more about the stunning and truly incredible Tooele, check out their website right here. You will find useful information about its history, the origin of the name, the things to do, the things to see and much more helpful information.

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