Government Watchdog Group Files Ethics Complaint Over Biden Documents

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The government watchdog group Protect the Public's Trust has just announced that they have filed an ethics complaint with the ethics office over the concern that taxpayer resources are being inappropriately used in the Biden classified documents issue. Protect the Public's Trust is also concerned that conflicts of interest created could personally benefit President Biden.

The watchdog group filed the complaint because they feel that the White House Counsel's Office and the Special Counsel to the President, Richard Sauber, look to be heavily involved in Biden's legal matter regarding the documents. The White House Counsel is not the President's personal lawyer and does not represent the President in personal matters separate from his role as the President, yet the White House Counsel appears to be acting as lawyers in a matter that is a private citizen matter, not a presidential matter. The legal matter over the documents took place when Biden was a private citizen, not president, which is why there is concern that the White House Counsel is being used improperly.

Protect the Public's Trust says the last administration had an incident when the former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was investigated on charges he misused his position by having staff walk his dog and pick up his dry cleaning. That was identified as unacceptable behavior for a cabinet official and a waste of taxpayer resources. This is a similar situation because the lawyers and top advisors for the president are also conducting personal services for their boss. Protect the Public's Trust says this is why they are calling for an investigation into taxpayer resources being used improperly for the personal benefit of President Joe Biden.

This watchdog group is a group of retired and former public servants who are dedicated to the idea that public service is a public trust. They also filed a Hatch Act violation in October 2022 against the White House Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre.

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