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New England which contains the states of Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine is one of the oldest areas in the US. Of course, with such a distinction comes plenty of tales handed down over the years of ghost stories and folklore about locations that have been haunted by spirits. Along with the ghost stories is some actual history including Salem, Massachusetts where the Salem Witch Trials took place back in 1692. Salem, Massachusetts is just one of the areas you should visit in New England, and here are some of the other areas you should check out on a Halloween tour of New England.

Rails to the Darkside


Connecticut is home to the New England Society for Psychic Research, which was founded by Ed and Lorraine Warren in 1952. The Warrens dedicated their lives to investigating the paranormal, and they investigated not only the Amityville house in New York but also the house in Rhode Island which the movie The Conjuring is based on. Other places are said to be haunted in Connecticut, including Fairfield Hills State Hospital in Newtown and the Sterling Opera House in Derby. I can't forget to mention the Connecticut Trolley Museum which offers a "Rails to the Darkside" trip which takes you into the "haunted woods".

White Horse TavernThe Maine Writer

Rhode Island

Newport, Rhode Island is known for its historic mansions, but it is also home to one of the most haunted places in Rhode Island with Seaview Terrace. Seaview Terrace is the fifth-largest mansion in Newport, and it is also said to be the home of several ghosts, with people claiming to have heard strange noises and seeing dark shadows. Another house that is haunted is the actual house the movie The Conjuring was based on, and that house is in Harrisville, Rhode Island. A great place to eat is also said to be home to several spirits, and that is The White Horse Tavern in Newport. The White Horse Tavern was built in 1652 and is the oldest tavern still operating in the United States.

Witch House in Salemthewitchhouse.org


Of course, you cannot mention Massachusetts and Halloween without mentioning Salem, Massachusetts. Salem is the home to the witch trials, and you can buy tickets to tour inside the Witch House where judge Jonathon Corwin lived. Judge Corwin presided over the Salem witch trials, and they held some of the preliminary questioning for the trials at the Witch House. You can visit the Witch Trials Memorial, and Salem celebrates Halloween year-round with the Salem Halloween Museum. Salem is not the only place you will want to visit while in Massachusetts. You will also want to head to Fall River and check out the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast. The house is said to be haunted, and you can also take a tour if you aren't staying at the bed and breakfast.

New Hampshire

The Mount Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods which was built in 1902 is said to be haunted by a ghost with room number 314 being the most haunted room in the hotel. Guests have said the hotel room lights turned off and back on again on their own at the hotel, and guests have said they smelled a floral perfume in the middle of the night. In 2008 the show Ghost Hunters visited the hotel and discovered paranormal activity. Another location in New Hampshire that is said to be haunted is the Pine Hill Cemetery in Hollis. The cemetery is said to be haunted by a family that was murdered in the 1800s and is buried in the cemetery. People have claimed to see shadows and ghostly shapes.

Green Mountain InnThe Maine Writer


The Green Mountain Inn, which was founded in 1833 is said to have a ghost living in the inn with strange noises being heard. Another spot that you should check out is the Equinox Hotel in Manchester. The hotel was built in 1769 and guests claimed to have heard whispers and their belongings moved along with lights turning on in the middle of the night. You can also take a ghost walk in Burlington with author Thea Lewis. The tour has been named one of New England's best-haunted walks by Yankee magazine.

Lucerne InnThe Maine Writer


Maine has many locations that you should check out and see if you can also hear or see something that goes bump in the night. One of my favorite places which is said to be haunted is the Lucerne Inn in Dedham. The inn was built in 1818 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Guests have said doors would open and close by themselves, faint voices have been heard and the piano at the inn has played by itself. Another location with a ghost legend is in Hancock County and is known as Black's Woods on Route 82 between the towns of Franklin and Cherryfield. This area is where the legend of "Catherine the Ghost" comes from. There are different variations of the legend and how she might have died but Catherine haunts the hill and will come out and ask motorists for a ride to Bar Harbor and then disappears once she gets into the car.

If you are looking to get into the Halloween spirit then you might want to visit one or all of the locations that are mentioned. Unless of course, you are not a fan of things that go bump in the night. Have you had any spooky experiences at any of these locations? Do you have any locations in New England that you would like to mention so others can also check them out? If so please mention the locations in the comments section.

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