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Merriam-Webster just added 370 words to the dictionary including some slang words. If you are a logophile like me, then you will be happy to hear the list of new words. What is a logophile, you might ask? A logophile is someone that loves words. There is a mix of words from slang to food-related words to words heard on newscasts.

The one fall term that causes some people to shudder with revulsion has made the cut and was officially added to the dictionary. Yes, the official smell of fall at coffee shops everywhere means pumpkin spice was one of the additions. Some of the other additions include the slang term "yeet" which is used to express surprise. Another interesting choice is "sus" which is slang for suspicious. Spelling bees will be interesting watching students spell sus and yeet.

The other words added are words we have heard all over the business news channels, including shrinkflation and altcoin. And COVID is even hitting the dictionary with the addition of the words subvariant, booster dose, false negative, and false positive.

Vegans everywhere will be happy to see some words they are very familiar with, including plant-based and oat milk, both of which made the cut and were just added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary. A February holiday also made the list with the addition of the word Galentines Day, which is celebrated on February 13th.

And finally, those of us living in Maine are very familiar with this word because it's one of our seasons. Yes, that's right, mud season is officially in the dictionary. A good reason why four-wheel drive is very practical when you live in Maine.

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