He MADE me eat a Herring | Herring Spawn Collaboration with Fishermans life Part II

Welcome to another episode of TLA. This is part II of the San Francisco Herring Hunt with special guest Fisherman's Life. On this episode I do a collaboration with Fisherman's Life, a well known YouTube personality and local celebrity around the fishing scene, most notably for his catch and cook videos. We travelled across the bay and arrived in Richardsons Bay in search of spawning herring. Now, I have a strict "Don't Eat your bait policy, except for squid" but for this particular trip, I had to make an exception. In all honesty, the deep fried herring were pretty tasty, so hats off to matts for making a great dish. Later I test to see how effective fresh herring is for crab snaring in the ocean with Carlos and Moo. Come see all the action on this weeks episode of TLA.

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