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When we talk about winter, most people imagine ice skating, holiday shopping, curling up in front a fire with a good book to read and spending time with love ones before deciding their New Years resolution. If you reside in California don't miss out on these exciting outdoor winter activities.

Crab Snaring

Fisherman Crab Snaring on the BeachKeith Nguyen (TLA)

The iconic Dungeness crab is a local staple of the San Francisco Bay Area. Every year residents and tourist await the opening of the Dungeness crab season to get a taste of this sweet and delicious crustacean. There are many ways to catch this tasty critter, from kayak crabbing with conical hoops to deploying deep sea traps by boat, however, a fun activity is crab snaring.

Crab snaring can be done on jetty walls and along California beaches with a pair of waders, a fishing pole and a crab snare filled with bait such as squid. If you get a tug on the line it could be that delicious critter begging you to take him home to dinner...or rather FOR dinner!

Succulent Dungeness Crab MeatKeith Nguyen

Mushroom Foraging

Picking Wild MushroomsKeith Nguyen (TLA)

Recently I watched a Netflix documentary on the kingdom of the fungi, and it open my eyes to a hidden realm tucked away in remote forest, under logs and away from human eyes. Take a local day trip with an expert guide to safely explore this world and its offerings -- Not all mushroom are safe to eat so it is best to defer to an expert for guidance. However there are many varieties of mushrooms such as, Chanterelles, Laetiporus conifericola (chicken of the woods),and the oyster mushroom are all great tasting fungi. They are healthy to eat and offer a great culinary experience for the adventurous.

Freshly Picked Chanterellebarbroforsberg

Pacific Herring Hunting

Fisherman with Cooler of Pacific HerringKeith Nguyen (TLA)

There are few people, outside the herring hunting community, that know about this exciting urban fishery. In fact, the pacific herring spawn is considered by many to be the last great urban fishery. In sprawling Silicon Valley the idea of a vast natural fishery, such as the pacific herring spawn, is sidelined by the next biggest and greatest tech innovation. Don't let Mother Nature fool she is the original great innovator!

Every year millions of Pacific Herring descend into San Francisco Bay on an annual migration to spawn before returning to the Pacific Ocean. The spawn begins in earnest in December, after the first rains, and runs until February. January tends to be the height of the spawn. Learn to catch herring here and follow the spawn on my website!

Fisherman Netting Pacific Herring at Paradise PierKeith Nguyen (TLA)

The schools of moving fish descend on the rocky shores of the Bay Area to lay their eggs throughout the winter. A few popular locations include paradise park, McCoy Cove, Ferry Point in Richmond and coyote point in South San Francisco.

Fisherman Netting Pacific Herring in Sausalito Water FrontKeith Nguyen (TLA)

This is a fun and exciting outdoor activity especially for kids and families.

Winter Photography

Yosemite National Park after winter stormKeith Nguyen (TLA)

As a photographer by profession, I can tell you, winter photography offers a unique opportunity to capture Mother Nature in her glory -- winter is the best time for dynamic and dramatic photos, especially with clouds. If you enjoy landscape photography this winter activity is for you.

The best time to take beautiful fluffy clouds, the ones seen in professional photography, is the day after a storm; this is when the clouds break into beautiful formations that make a photograph pop and add drama to the image. Pair the clouds against a nice foreground like rocks, flowers or the golden gate and this will be one stunning photo that you can impress your friend with.

Go Explore!

As winter descends on the world after the transition of fall, there is much to explore when Mother Nature opens her doors to her winter wonderland. From tasty ocean crabs, to hidden mushroom kingdoms the winter world is your oyster. Pop open that shell, put on your winter boots, take out the camera! There is a winter wonderland waiting to be explored -- by you!

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