Fake hands will feel like real Hands

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The hard work of Scientists has brought color, Fake hands will feel like real Hands

Fake hands will feel like real handsThisIsEngineering/Pexels

People who have lost their hands in the accident years have been given prosthetic hands in the past as well. Even though these fake hands have been successful in making the physical structure of the person perfect. But they are not able to fulfill the feeling of not having hands. Scientists have now decided to manufacture such artificial hands.

Experts at Cleveland Veterans Affairs Medical Center and Case Western Region University have designed an interface that will give the non-handicapped a feeling of being a real hand. With the help of which the balance of the real feeling will be adjusted using the sensor in the prosthetic hand, for this, the scientists will install sensors at 20 places in the prosthetic hand. have been successful.

But due to lack of certain kind of feeling, it was not possible to keep lifting something with limbs like prosthetic hand, strengthening or loosening the grip. Thanks to this latest experiment of experts, now some progress is showing in this direction. These hands with a network of nerves have been implanted in two people. The results obtained from them have been very encouraging. This bionic arm is working without any technical problem since 18 months. It has been applied to a 48-year-old man named Ohio.

Ohio's hand was amputated in an accident 3 years ago. A video released a few weeks ago shows the man plucking fruit from a tree. Actually, there are sensors measuring pressure in his hand. This was the reason that when this person plucked the fruits with his artificial hand, he did not have to apply much force. Experts estimate that it will take at least 10 years to make this technology available to all.

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