Community meeting highlights: Plans for S&R Market site emphasize social connections and green space

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By Juliet Martinez

A place where you can run into friends, a place for seniors and families, a green space you can walk to. These ideas emerged at the December 14 Hazelwood Initiative community meeting. Residents at the meeting gave more input on redeveloping the former S&R Market lot. Architect Kate Tunney presented six concepts for the site.

At the November 9 meeting, participants offered several ideas. Some suggested developing the space as a walkable public space. Others, a grocery store, or retail and service provider space. Some suggested a mixed development with housing and a combination of the other uses. Ms. Tunney, a partner at Rothschild Doyno Collaborative, gleaned these project goals:

  • To celebrate the spirit of Hazelwood and tie the business district together
  • To create a space where neighborhood residents feel welcome, connect and access facilities
  • To draw people from other neighborhoods with a unique space for small businesses
  • To improve the streetscape with lighting, safe crosswalks, alternative transportation and benches

Ms. Tunney and colleague Eli Gutierrez described how residents often met by chance at S&R Market. This created more social connections. The concepts they presented emphasized the importance of this dynamic. The architects also noted that they included extra parking into the designs to support the planned grocery store on the opposite side of the 4800 block of Second Avenue.

Many participants said they liked the focus on a public space where seniors, families, and children in the daycare center can relax and play. Hazelwood Towers is across from the former S&R Market site. People observed that creating a welcoming green space there would benefit Tower residents. The Greenway, some noted, is too far and difficult of a walk for most neighborhood seniors.
In this image, the 4900 block of Second Avenue is shown, with the Hazelwood Initiative offices on left and proposed design on the right.Image courtesy of Rothschild Doyno Collaborative

Many of the meeting participants liked the concept shown above. On the left, it shows the Hazelwood Initiative offices, and on the right, a building set back from the street with parking in the rear. Trees and plants at the curb would create a barrier between the street and a wide pedestrian space. The structure could have doors on four sides to welcome neighbors coming in from all directions. The open area would have benches and allow space for pop-up pavilions and outdoor dining.

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