Living World Bedding Review Ft. Gerbil Tank/ Cage Cleaning

*DISCLAIMER* I mentioned in the video aspen is the only safe type of wood bedding to use with your gerbils. You can also safely use hemp and beech wood chips, but they won't be able to successfully hold up burrows. Hope this clears up any confusion. Hey my fellow gerbil lovers, and welcome back to The Gerbil Vine ! Today we're back with a bedding review video - today it's for living world's new aspen bedding. I think this bedding will make an awesome substrate, and in my own opinion, I find it to be a much better option than my current brand. Join us till the very end for footage of our most recent tank cleaning !

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My name is Bex & I make videos on proper gerbil care, in hopes of educating others and improving gerbil lives all over the world. Check out my YouTube channel The Gerbil Vine !


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