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Hey guys & welcome back to The Gerbil Vine ! Thank you all so much for being here, you guys really are the best :). Gerbil housing size minimums vary all over the world, but here in Canada, the size recommended for a pair of gerbils is 10 gallons- yup you heard that right. I get that minimums exist so that you don't house the animal in anything smaller than that, but a 10 gallon is unacceptable in my opinion. Gerbils should be housed in a 40 gallon as a minimum, and this is something that needs to change in my country. The 10 gallon needs to be removed as the minimum housing size, and as I demonstrate in my video, is a completely horrible tank size option for your gerbils. So here's to hoping for higher sizes! I hope you enjoy the video!

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My name is Bex & I make videos on proper gerbil care, in hopes of educating others and improving gerbil lives all over the world. Check out my YouTube channel The Gerbil Vine !


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