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Hey guys and welcome to my channel the gerbil vine. My name is Bex, and I live in Ontario, Canada. Now I began my gerbil journey about a year ago, I purchased my two boys from an ethical breeder, but I went out and purchased all the wrong things pretty much, based off of the information on google. It wasn't until after owning my gerbils, and seeing how they were and how much space they truly need, did I begin upgrading and questioning the information I came across. And that's the reason for me creating the Gerbil Vine. So that I can inspire and educate others in Canada, and all over really, on proper gerbil care. I look forward to posting, and discussing many gerbil related things on this channel, with the ultimate goal to spread correct care information.

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My name is Bex & I make videos on proper gerbil care, in hopes of educating others and improving gerbil lives all over the world. Check out my YouTube channel The Gerbil Vine !


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