Bailey Bryan Teams Up With 24k Goldn For Empowering New Single “MF”

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by Nadya Hubbard
“MF” Cover Art By Erik Rojas

Bailey Bryan, known for her sensitive bad b*tch music, recently released a new song with 24kGoldn. The new track “MF” also has a hot new music video. The growth and evolution of Bailey Bryan’s music are evident in “MF.” The track represents the happiness and freedom that comes when you choose yourself, as well as speaking on toxic behaviors. Bryan calls out all the people who have screwed her over with style and grace.

About “MF”

This new cathartic and relatable anthem was inspired by a “quarantine relationship gone wrong,” said Bryan. She channeled all of her pain, anger, and loss into this new single and music video. Although many heartbreak songs are slower, Bailey Bryan’s has high energy.

In the music video, you see Bryan executing a heist against 24kGoldn as her raps his verse. In his verse, 24kGoldn raps,

“You put the pain in champagne and it’s shameless/I put my heart in your hands and you played it/Said you coming over, now you can’t make it (What?)/All these f—king mind games, I can’t take it (No)/All the stress that you caused and created (Yeah)/You put the b-tch in b-itch-made and I hate it/Bought you gemstones, but I’m the one that’s jaded.”

Surrounded by shades of green and Bailey in an all-green outfit, the last line is a metaphor representing betrayal. It is about “investing so much in a relationship and not getting anything back so that you end up being the one jaded to love.”

In the popular bridge on this track, Bryan sings,

“It’s over, It’s over/Can’t love me like you supposed to/It’s over, I told you/Can’t come around, don’t know you/Yeah, come to the crib at night when it’s dark/You can pack up your sh-t and leave me a scar/It’s a gun to the rib, a knife to the heart/But that’s just who you are, yeah”

Up Next For Bailey Bryan

Throughout this next chapter, Bailey exemplifies the vulnerability, empowerment, and confidence it takes to be an SBB. She is settling into a new and extended era of SBB that adds, “self-trust, independence and healing” to the already empowering mindset. Bailey said, “In 2022 when I came up with the term ‘Sensitive Bad B*tch Music’ was the first time I felt like I truly found, or created, my own lane.” She continued by saying it gave her an abundance of confidence to grow into her next era and trust herself.

After growing up on the west coast of Washington and moving to Nashville at the early age of 17, Bailey now resides in Los Angeles. She says stepping away from Nashville and taking her creativity to other places has allowed her to “reconnect with the vibes” that have made her who she is. Furthermore, Bryan is opening the second half of 24k Goldn’s tour this May. Listen to her Sensitive Bad B*itch single, “MF,” below!

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