Sadé + Shaniya: The Formation of Sisterhood Through Sustainable Innovation

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Meet the incredible duo Sadé Lewis and Shaniya Charles behind the fashion brand Sadé + Shaniya. Starting back in 2015, the two best friends since high school are skyrocketing as they embark on a journey to empower women to feel confident, secure, and safe to tell their narratives in a way that isn’t altered. 

Inspired by Afrouism and those that have come before them, the Black queens themselves strive to incorporate all beauty dynamics with temperate hues and vintage aesthetics. With opposite personalities and approaches, the two designers still find a way to converge and transform their ideas to life to create accessibility in high fashion.

While it’s important for them to shed light on the importance of companionship, they never lose sight of the narrative behind why they launched their brand in the first place. Their passion for fashion originated not just from the process but is the cultivation of pure innovation, inclusion, and womanhood.

The Story Behind Sadé + Shaniya

Both Sadé and Shaniya and Sadé have an outstanding background in their design career. Before the two designers united as one, Sadé had always been proficient in managing the clothing production. This includes everything from post-development to the final product. 

Such skill allowed Sadé to build countless relationships and connections with various manufacturing companies globally. Her marvelous communication and efficiency allowed her to expand and master both spatial and experiential design.

As for Shaniya, her competence in textiles and color theory has allowed her to effectively illustrate moods and design concepts from their products. Her ability to capture psychological visuals from hues is one of the reasons the duo is so eye-catching. Shaniya’s devotion to photography, music, and poetry is evident in the creative direction of their work. 

Why Should We Listen To The Creative Duo?

Sadé + Shaniya is more than conscious of giving a voice to the black woman, through meaningful connections. As Black women themselves, what better way to pave the way for the movement than by sharing their experience with other women!

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