The Woman In The House Across The Street From The Girl In The Window Premieres On Netflix

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by Arianna Morrison

Premiering Jan. 28 on Netflix, the absurdly long-titled mystery show “The Woman in the House Across the Street From the Girl in the Window” stars Kristen Bell as a woman who drinks a lot of wine and believes she witnessed a murder.

The show also stars Tom Riley, Samsara Yett, Michael Ealy, Shelley Hennig, Mary Holland, Christina Anthony, Cameron Britton and Benjamin Levy Aguilar.

What To Expect

After the loss of her child and the destruction of her marriage, heartbroken Anna, played by Bell, spends her time sipping wine and staring out her suburban home window. As she watches life go by, there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel when an attractive neighbor, played by Tom Riley, and his daughter, Samsara Yett, move in across the street. As Anna becomes hopeful, she sees a murder happen in her neightbors house and struggles to know if it was real, or just a halluncination from her drinking habits.

In the show, Anna recruits other characters in the show and explains what she saw, but most do not listen to a single word she has to say. This frustrates her and she begins to be unaware of what is real and what is reality.

While the show may not get high rankings or several viewers, it served as a fun acting challenge for Bell. The show includes several lesser-known actors like Shelley Hennig and Tom Riley. This aspect of the show gave an opportunity to the up-and-coming actors to make a name for themselves.

The show’s satire and mocking of terrible thrillers does not make the show good in of itself. The show seems to have definite reviews in being an unfunny and overall, not good watch. It could be good background noise for someone looking to have white noise on while doing other activities in the house. The show is too slow to really gain any traction on and focus completely on.

While this may be a critical review, some may enjoy this type of satirical show and should not turn themselves away if they are a fan of Bell.

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