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The Wizard’s Lover, by Alicia Norman, is a new serial set at Asteria Pulse Magick Academy.  Even in a world of wizards, shapeshifters, and pixies, finding love can be complicated. Aaron, a promising, talented student at Asteria Pulse Magick Academy, is lucky enough to fall for the beautiful, older Isabella, and there’s a real, steamy connection. At first, it seems Isabella is equally enamored. But even though she cares for Aaron, there’s something she’s not  about to tell him…  And Aaron’s starting to notice that his magick is slightly off… There’s an ominous feel here, even though the magic college is full of fun. Meanwhile, Aaron’s childhood bestie, Aimee, may have found her own romantic connection.

There’s an engaging, believable magical world in The Wizard’s Lover, with lively, realistic details like magical students eye-rolling at regulations around pixie dust. In just the first few chapters, the scene is set for dramatic relationships and warm friendships. The romance is spicy, with emotional love scenes early on, but it’s also a fun college story, with friends deconstructing their hookups after or announcing which hookup they already ‘shipped. There’s a lot of character development and hints for future adventures packed into the 6 chapters currently available.

There will be more episodes of The Wizard’s Lover to come on Kindle Vella. Kindle Vella is a serialized fiction platform, blending elements of indie writing platforms like WattPad and AO3 with serialized magazine stories. New and established writers can release their work in short chapters, and readers can read and follow their favorites storylines, getting updates when there’s a new chapter available. Usually the first few chapters are free to read, and then future episodes are unlocked with Tokens, the Kindle Vella currency.

At any time, some of the stories on Kindle Vella are complete, meaning readers can read and unlock the whole thing, and some are currently being written. Any of these stories can be read on Kindle, though the Kindle iOS app, or directly on your computer on the Amazon website. (I suggest phone, tablet, or ereader for this spicy romance, though!)

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