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Fun Stops For Travelers Visiting Roswell, NM

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Roswell, New Mexico is famous for reported sightings of flying saucers in 1947.Was it a weather balloon? A secret military cover-up? Or actual evidence of extraterrestrial visitors?
International UFO Museum and Research CenterInternational UFO Museum and Research Center

UFO fans and amateur investigators can visit the International UFO Museum and Research Center in Roswell, NM The museum’s exhibits focus most on Roswell’s own alien sightings, of course, but also includes information and exhibits about other UFO sightings. The museum also hosts the annual UFOFest, although there are special activities all around town during this time. The museum is open 9AM to 5PM every day.

Want to see your own alien encounter? The Roswell UFO Spacewalk has blacklight art installations and alien props for UFO fans to enjoy. Don’t forget to take pictures! Some of these fun Instagram photos from the spacewalk look great!

For visitors interested in outer space and galaxies, not just suspected alien sightings, the Goddard Planetarium at the Roswell Museum offers planetarium shows. Currently, the available shows include a documentary about Mayan Archeoastronomy and one about Mars. The planetarium also hosts fun laser shows, especially during Roswell’s famous UFOFest. These shows would be fun for space aficionados and could be a great refuge from the New Mexican heat for visitors from cooler areas.
At the Miniatures & Curious Collections Museum in Roswell, New MexicoMiniatures & Curious Collections Museum

After the spacewalk, the UFO Museum, and the Planetarium, why not look smaller for your next adventure? Visit the Miniatures & Curious Collections Museum in Roswell to see dollhouses, retro toys, minis and more. The museum is only open on Fridays and Saturdays, so plan ahead to make sure they’re open when you want to visit.

New Mexico may not immediately spring to mind as wine country, but Pecos Flavors Winery & Bistro is working to change that. This highly-rated cafe and wine bar serves local wines and beers (Including Roswell’s Alien Amber Ale), and local foods.
Bottomless Lakes State ParkBottomless Lakes State Park

And finally, enjoy the beauty of nature at the Bottomless Lakes State Park just outside Roswell. The special lakes found here are sinkholes, some up to 90 feet down.These sinkholes seem even deeper, since the local algae has a greenish-blue color that makes these lakes really look bottomless. Visitors can swim, canoe, and camp here, or just take a hike around the area. And don’t forget to take photos! Again, some of the Instagram photos from Bottomless Lakes State Park are amazing!

What else have you seen and enjoyed in Roswell? What great local spots have we missed?

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