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Downtown Gorham(creative commons)

Gorham, New Hampshire, is a picturesque little town with gorgeous views and great hiking in all directions. Pinkham Notch is nearby for outdoors activities, ranging from a gentle nature walk to see the falls or hiking the Appalachian Trail.

Gorham is very close to Mount Washington. I know everyone has the "This Car Climbed Mount Washington" bumper stickers, and I'm sure that's fun too, but we took the Mount Washington railway to the top. Besides the expected outdoor fun, we found Gorham has a lot of for foodies to enjoy too.

One warning before any recommendations: Google Business is almost hilariously unreliable about opening and closing times in this area, and a lot of the fun restaurants here keep irregular hours and don't update their websites. (It's a small town so probably everyone already knows which restaurants open for lunch on which days, which take midweek days off, and already know whether it's a weekday schedule or weekend schedule on a Friday.) So, do call ahead to see if they're actually open when the internet say. Or drive around the beautiful mountains checking the actual signs, that works too.

Nonna's Kitchen We stumbled onto this one, and I was so surprised to find amazing Long Island Italian food in this little town in the White Mountains. Italian staples and rotating specials. Reservations recommended, you might not be as lucky as we were and randomly wander in and get a table.

SaAlt & Libby's, right on the Main Street in the middle of town, is a bistro of international flavors using local ingredients. You can find their world flavors spice blends at the shop next door, so if you're in love with the spicy dandan shrimp or another dish, you can try recreating it at home. The bistro's menu is small, and rotates seasonally. In good weather, there's garden seating, too. Follow SaAlt & Libby's on Instagram to check opening hours and see the delicious food.

Atlas Market is the deli and takeaway side of SaAlt & Libby's, and it's located just next door to the main bistro. The menu is frequently changing, but when we went, we found loads of premade chicken salads, focaccia breads, sides, cookies, and other good picnic treats. Also soups and other dishes to take home and warm up, if you're staying someplace nearby.

Look, I know my last suggestions were upscale foodie spots, but Eastern Depot also deserves a mention. It looks a little (a lot) like a truckstop, but come inside for good, fresh, diner breakfasts, served quickly. It's very much NOT truckstop coffee.

Gorham map(GorhamNH.org)

We frequently lost cell service in the mountains, which meant we lost access to GPS and maps. So I recommend a paper map of New Hampshire in your glove compartment (I like this one of the White Mountain trails or this basic map of the state, or just grab one at a tourist stop when you drive into New Hampshire.)

Finally, if you get a chance to visit Gorham for the Fourth of July, there's an amazing old-time Americana fair on the town common.

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