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I played the original My Tribe from Big Fish awhile ago for a fun desert island survival games. The goal is to build a flourishing island tribe, and to solve the mysterious objects on your island.

In My Tribe, you can play without help from any Facebook friends. If you have friends playing, you’ll progress faster with extra shells and stork feathers from friends, of course, and My Tribe is not all that subtle about suggesting you ask more friends to play too.  (I would love to see seed and recipe exchange in future upgrades) But you won’t hit a level cap if you don’t want to harass your friends into playing.

If you're feeling stuck, here are the solutions to the My Tribe mysteries, because the “hints” that your tribespeople give, are pretty darn annoying. (Hmm! I bet this rusty-colored rock could sure be useful!) So, if you’re playing My Tribe, and you want to solve the mysteries on your own, stop reading here. This is your spoiler alert!


For the fountain, you'll need a tribe member who is over 65 years old, with level 20 in science. You can just wait for a tribesmember to age -- oh, wait, you're reading the cheats for MyTribe, you probably don't want to wait. You can use stardust on a child to increase their age by a few years. Don't worry about aging your poor tribespeople, because this a fountain of youth!

To move the tree stump, you'll need a tribe member with a physical strength of 70 or above to lift it. You can increase their strength with gems, becoming a tribal elder, or breeding. After you've done this, you'll get an Ever Tree. I'm not entirely sure what this special tree does, though...

The fossil rock requires a tribesperson with level 15 in rock gathering, and science. Figuring out the fossil will give you a huge bonus in science point. It will also make some of your tribespeople insist that there was no life on the island before them and the fossil is just a trick.

The red rock was an annoying puzzle to solve, because it was clear to me early on that it was iron, and my tribespeople's silly hints about a rusty red color got annoying. You'll need a tribesperson with a 15 or higher in both science and construction. Just like in the original MyTribe, solving this mystery will give you a bonus in work that involves tools.


The tiki head looks ever better after you complete it. Whenever your tribe has a new baby (depending on your number of stork feathers, and therefore, on your number of friends, this might take some time), bring the baby over to play with the stone statue. This is a bit counter-intuitive because whenever players attempt to solve another mystery with children, babies or teens, a message appears that only adults can solve mysteries. Anyway, each baby plants a special new flower in one of the pots around the Easter Island face, and once the pots are all blooming, the tiki face becomes a strength power-up for babies and children.

Solving the star rock is exactly the same as in the old version. Have a tribesperson who's had an experience with stardust examine the rock, and they'll have the brilliant idea to use stardust on the star rock. (You can't skip straight to the stardust-in-the-rock stage) It'll take either 3 or 4 stardusts, depending on how fast you move, and after you've unlocked it, it will attract more stardust to land on the island.

The moon rock is exactly the same thing, but with moondust.

There's also a sickly, leafless bush with a pink heart in the branches. I don't know what to call it, but your tribe member with level 15 in both science and agriculture can probably tell you a good Latin name for it. I'll call it Deciduous Roseus Cordius.  Have your skilled tribesperson examine the tree when it rains to solve the mystery and unlock new berry seeds.

Enjoy all the improvements to your island! Let me know any tricks you've found!

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