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Do you like playing mobile games? Have you ever tried playing skill-based cash games like 21 Gold? Pocket7Games’s 21 Gold is a twist on the classic casino game favorite, Blackjack or Twenty-one. Just like in the casino version, the winner of each round of this card game gets a ticket prize or a real money prize. Here are our tips for winning more at 21 Gold. 

When you start playing a new game, we suggest using the ticket games first for practice to make sure you know the rules and the controls before playing for real money. This is especially important for 21 Gold, because it’s just a bit different from usual Blackjack.

Players have 4 columns of cards, each one trying to get 21. It’s almost like playing 4 hands of Blackjack at once, but in a round of regular Blackjack, you could win with nineteen or twenty points, especially if your opponent went over. Here, you need exactly 21 to win. So, two face cards go from being an almost automatic win, to being a bad combo, since now you’ll be waiting for an ace to clear that one. So that leads us to our first tip: Use that hold spot on the bottom right for a lower value card. 2s, 3s, and 4s come in very handy! 

Going over 21 is called a bust. Just like in casino blackjack, try to avoid this. In Pocket7Games’ 21 Gold, you can bust up to 3 times before losing the game. You’ll see these counted on the top, in the center, but try your best to avoid it even once, since you’ll get a bonus if you can play the game without busting at all.

 We recommend that tew players should start off with head-to-head matches for 10 tickets each. This will let you practice clearing your 4 columns and try out new strategies. Skilled players should try some of the high-value reward games where you play these skill-based cash games for real money, just like casino Blackjack. 

And this leads us to our next tip: To increase your winnings, try to get 21 several times in a row. You can gain extra points when you do this, so if you can think a few moves ahead – or if you just get really lucky in your cards pulled – you can dramatically increase your score as you clear your game board.

Here are some tips for winning at others mobile games:

We suggest chosing one game to specialize in, and practicing before jumping into the real money games. Once you’re familiar with the rules, the app will match you with one opponent for a head-to-head game. You can also enter tournaments, where the rewards are higher, and you play against more opponents. That’s more like a casino feeling from your phone.

Our last tip for success in 21 Gold is to play as fast as you can! This will help you get the most points, and the games are timed, so hesitating too much will cost you the round. If you accidentally play a little too fast, there’s an undo button in the bottom right of the screen. It’ll let you take back your last card if you find you tapped too fast and made a mistake! 

You can start playing 21 Gold on Pocket7Games, either in free ticket matches for practice or in real cash games. If 21 Gold isn’t your style, you could try 2048 Blitz, BubbleShot, Solitaire!, Bingo Clash, or other casual phone games. Every game has a free-to-play and a money game version.

Have you ever tried reward games on your mobile phone? Have you tried playing casino games like 21 Gold? Let us know in the comments!

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