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Explodocube is a cheery and casual puzzle game on Pocket7Games, all about -- you probably guessed it -- exploding cubes.

To start playing Explodocube, just tap any 2 adjacent blocks of the same color. You’ll clear all of the blocks of the same color that are touching, and you’ll be on your way to solving the challenges and winning the game.

That’s really the main rule, although like all Pocket7Games minigames, faster is better for more points. Explodocube is a cheery, speedy puzzle game.

Create Specials

When you see a larger group of the same color cubes, tapping them clears the board more quickly, and it also creates fun special abilities for players to use. Some of the special abilities include a dynamite to blast that area of the board and clear it, or to clear a horizontal or vertical line. Of course, in Explodocube, even the little dynamites are cute.

Another powerful special ability will clear all the blocks of one color. Try to get large color groups together to get these special abilities whenever you can, and then combine these specials for speedy combined clearing power.

Defeat Opponents

This is a light, casual game, but at the same time, top players are participating in money games and winning real cash by playing Explodocube.

To try your hand at making Explodocube your side hustle, you’ll compete in head-to-head games. Your goal is still to clear both boards, and to do it faster than your opponent. Sometimes you can win without clearing both boards, as long as you did better than your opponent and scored more points.

Each game challenges you to defeat another Pocket7Games player. Usually you’ll just have one opponent, but you could also try a tournament for higher winnings. In every game, both players will have two rounds of Explodocube to clear as many blocks as they can, as quickly as possible. The player with the highest score wins.

New boards, new challenges and new opponents keep this cute little game fresh and different every time you play.

Practice Your Strategy

In Explodocube, like in Fruit Frenzy, Solitaire or 2048 Blitz, players can play for real cash to make extra money.

We suggest starting with free Ticket games first. Use these 20 Ticket games in the beginning to learn the rules and work on your Explodocube strategy.

You’ll quickly get loads of free Tickets from the Lucky Boxes and other daily bonuses, so you can have plenty of free practice games. Winning these free Ticket games will give you more Tickets and bragging rights. Plus it’s a great way to make sure you can play well and win quickly.

When you do well in Ticket matches, you’ll pile up a lot of tickets, and top players can convert tickets into real cash, too. When you collect 8,000 tickets, enter and win a Cash Fever game, and your winnings will become $.60 in real cash.

Sure, this is an adorable little puzzler, but don’t overlook the colorful and cheery Explodocube for the chance to make extra money playing cute mobile games.

Join Explodocube Tournaments

To maximize your winnings, join an Explodocube tournament. This is the same cute and cheery fun, with the same clear simple rules. But this time, you’re playing against more players, so your prizes will be better when you win. This is a good choice for top gamers, since you’ll have to defeat additional opponents, but the rewards are even better too.

You can join a 5-person game or keep your eyes open for bigger live tournaments where you can really show off your cube matching skills.

Or Just Relax

Just like we saw in Fruit Frenzy, the bright colors and cute animations of Explodocube make this a relaxing puzzle game to try in your free time.

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