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Fruit Frenzy is the adorable new puzzle game over on Pocket7Games. Haven’t played yet? Try a little break from classic favorites like 21 Gold and Solitaire and give this colorful little mobile game a try. You can even win real money by playing this cute little matching game.

Here are our top tips and strategies to have fun and win real money playing Fruit Frenzy. When you play Fruit Frenzy, you start with this grid of cute little fruits. To win, just tap a pair of the fruit shown in the top right to clear it. You can tap adjacent pairs or pairs with a clear, empty route between them. Play through a few times and you’ll pick it up so quickly. Plus, these little fruits are just so adorable!

Fruit Frenzy is a colorful, quick puzzle game, and where would a puzzle game be without special powers? Pay attention to the bottom of your screen to see your special abilities. Some of these will let you clear any pair of fruits or stop certain fruits from appearing. Our favorite is the one that lets you clear three pairs of fruit. It can be a real game-changer, especially in the last few seconds of a game!

Fast and careful players can already make extra money by playing Fruit Frenzy, but don’t worry if you’re a newbie. If you don’t feel quite confident yet, you can play some free Ticket games for practice.

Each round of Fruit Frenzy brings a new board, with randomly arranged fruit to keep the game fresh and fun. This is a light, casual game, perfect for a few minutes of matching fun, but even so, skillful gamers are playing money games and winning real cash by winning at Fruit Frenzy. This adds that extra challenge to matching-game fun.

Players earn extra points by clearing a horizontal or vertical line, and of course there are loads of extra points for clearing the whole board. This isn’t possible every time, but you can still win without clearing the whole board. You’ll just need to be a littler fast than your opponent. Just like in the other mobile games from Pocket7Games, players can compete in head-to-head Fruit Frenzy games. This gaming app matches two players of similar skills and gives them the same board for Fruit Frenzy, and whoever wins the most points wins the match. Both players have the same Fruit Frenzy board and the same goal of clearing as many fruits and scoring as many points as possible. Since your goal is just to defeat the other player, you can often win without clearing the whole board, you just have to do better than your opponent.

Our tip for winning is to match quickly and win as many points as you can to clear the board and get a bonus, or just score as many points as you can before the time is up. To win at this money game, tap the cute fruits quickly and carefully.

If you check the Fruit Frenzy rankings, you can see how skilled or experienced gamers are already winning real money by playing fun mobile puzzle games. In Fruit Frenzy, just like 21 Gold, Solitaire, and 2048 Blitz, players can play for fun and tickets, or play for real cash and make extra money by playing casual games at home. Players interested in increasing your winnings can join tournaments for higher returns. Players in these game tournaments can win Tickets, real cash, and other bonuses. We recommend using Ticket games to practice first before trying your hand at games for money. Plus, the tickets you win in these free practice games can turn into real money. Once you have 8000 tickets, you can play a Cash Fever game, to win real withdrawable cash.

Fruit Frenzy is a brand-new game on Pocket7Games. Try this cute new puzzle game for a chance to make extra money playing mobile games!

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